Good morning and happy Monday. Hopefully you enjoyed many hours of relaxed and very quiet, respectable viewing time during the Masters over the weekend. (It goes without saying you were dressed appropriately.) Before you start the week in earnest, here’s what’s good in gear: a folding electric scooter to get you around, an action camera rig that can see all around, a waterproof shell that’ll round out your outerwear lineup and much more.

Beacon Jacket by AETHER


Well, we found it. This is pretty much the perfect spring shell given that it’s waterproof, breathable, seam sealed and wind resistant — all in a slim-flitting construction utilizing a three-layer, twill-weave fabric. Design details include adjustable hood and cuffs and plenty of pockets, including interior zippered pockets to stash your small stuff. Weatherproof two-way zippers open at side-seam vents that help regulate body temperature and keep you moving comfortably.

URB-E Folding Electric Scooter


35 pounds, a 20-mile range, top speed of 15 mph and only 4 hours for a full charge. That’s the relevant info here. But if you’re still reading, here’s some advice: most scooters will make any commuter look like a complete dork. This one makes you look smart. Just sayin’.

Swiza Swiss Army Knives


Swiss Army knives have been around in some capacity for about 125 years. The last several decades have seen few design changes, at least on basic models, because, really, why modify what doesn’t suck? Afterall, pocketknives are a fact of life. Swiza have given the classic knife a redesign, but it doesn’t suck either. Their modern interpretation boasts a svelte new shape — for ease of opening with either hand — and a softer, grippier surface.

Omni 360-Degree Camera Rig by GoPro


GoPro, ever the first to market with unbeatable action camera tech, has just revealed their newest creation, made in response to the 360-degree VR video craze that’s taken media by storm. The Omni is a cube structure that houses six murdered-out Hero4 units, which will work in tandem to capture video of everything everywhere.

Pallaville BGY TXSN Boot by Palladium


The next evolution from Palladium are these lightweight, forward-thinking boots. Uppers are constructed of synthetic nubuck and canvas-lined ballistic nylon for toughness. Those uppers are paired with a rubber-and-EVA outsole for cushioning and grip.

Baby Monitoring System by Kodak


Used to be, when you wanted to keep track of a tot you’d have to either duct tape down the transmit button of a crappy walkie-talkie or devise a janky system of tin cans and cotton string. (Or maybe that was just us…?) Regardless, Kodak has developed something FAR BETTER than anything you’ve used before. 180-degree views of crispy HD video and two-way digital audio keep you in touch with the little one. Furthermore, the thing’s equipped with automatic night vision, a sleep tracker and a nightlight. Always need the nightlight.

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