Bourbon and Rye Concoctions

Three Whiskey Cocktails to Make This Weekend

April 15, 2016 Drinks By Photo by Sung Han

After a drawn-out work week, it’s time to relax at home. Instead of having a bartender make your cocktail, turn to your liqueur cabinet, or home bar cart, and conjure up something yourself. Need inspiration? Try one of these whiskey cocktails. They’re creative, yet simple. Plus you can wear slippers when you make them. After all, the playoffs are on — both NBA and NHL — and your couch is beckoning.

The Percy & Small Old Fashioned

If you’re going to mix a good bourbon with anything fruity and sweet, you better know what you’re doing. Thankfully, Chris Gatchell, bar manager at The Inkwell in Portland, Maine, does. He shows us how to make his Old Fashioned, mixed with Weller Reserve Bourbon.

The Gentleman’s Exchange Coffee Cocktail

Cold-brew coffee cocktails are a booming trend in bartending, so we tapped the NoMad Hotel bar’s new head bartender, Nathan O’Neill, for a recipe. He shows us how to make the Gentleman’s Exchange, a cocktail named for the second coffeehouse ever built in New York City.

Death of a Ladies’ Man

This rye-and-Scotch-layered cocktail, courtesy of Ramona bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, draws influence from Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. Here’s how to make it.

Every Tool You Need to Outfit Your Home Bar

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