A super-advanced 3D printer, YouTube now streams in 360 degrees, the LinkedIn Students app and more.

A LinkedIn App for Students


LinkedIn just introduced the LinkedIn Students app, which is geared specifically for college students who will soon be seeking full-time employment. The new job-hunting app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, does several student-specific things, including suggesting positions based on a their specific major/minor and showing which companies recently hired graduates from a student’s university.

The Most Advanced Multitool 3D Printer


In the market for a 3D printer? The new ZMorph 2.0 SX does the job and so much more. The new ZMorph is a combination between a 3D printer, laser engraver and CNC milling machine, and, as The Verge suggests, it looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

Shazam Now Syncs Across Devices


That’s right, Shazam, the popular music-recognition app, now syncs with your desktop and iOS devices. Just make sure you’re logged in to your account and you can see which songs you’ve Shazam’d.

LaCie’s Powerful Desktop Hard Drive


LaCie, the company probably best known for their rugged portable hard drives, has announced its premium desktop hard drive, the 12big Thunderbolt 3. It has a max storage capacity of 96TB and can reach transfer speeds of 2,600MB per second. This is the storage device for video professionals who often shoot in 4K.

YouTube Now Streams in 360 Degrees


In March 2015, YouTube first launched “support for 360-degree videos,” according to their blog. A year later they’ve starting live streaming events in 360 degrees, starting with Coachella. Until April 24, when the music festival ends, YouTubers can live stream select artists’ performances in 360 degrees. Cool, yes. But it still doesn’t beat actually being there.

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