The necessities for a day at the beach vary from the pragmatic — towels, sunscreen, water, sandals, light snacks — to the indulgent — summer reading, a speaker, plenty of craft beer. Because this assortment doesn’t readily fit into a backpack, the tote bag is the go-to option for beachgoers. There’s a range of modern totes on the market made from leather, canvas and nylon that will keep your personal style intact while hauling goods across the hot sand. So before you embark on your next ocean getaway, pick up one of these bags and be prepared for a day in the sun.


Sidney Tote Bag by Penfield $55


Reece Tote by Saturdays Surf NYC $115


Large Climb Tote by Epperson Mountaineering $135


Utility Tote by Joshu + Vela $160


Coal Bag by Stanley & Sons $217


Tote Bag by Yuketen $385


Tote Bag by Porter-Yoshida & Co. x James Jarvis $459