In most office settings, serrated blades and tactical-style pocketknives are overkill, even for EDC. So how do you slip in the little blade without it looking compensational? Find a pocketknife that’s an appropriate size and style for your profession, and one that features refined details — handles of bone, wood and etched metal. That’ll ensure they won’t look out-of-place when carried in the pocket of your favorite blazer, or when unfolded to open that latest Amazon delivery.


Mini Trapper by Case $49


Osprey Lockback Knife by Al Mar $145


The County by The James Brand $150


Laguiole Heritage Knife by D’Albrac $209


Horn Pocket Knife by Poglia & Co $250


The Kalan Knife by Otter-Messer x Ulrich Hennicke $288
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