Beaches, Poolside Parties and Cuba

Photo Books to ‘Read’ at the Beach


Tired from sitting in the sun, or from chasing around that cousin you see only once a year, it’s important to have respite on you summer vacation. A vacation inside of a vacation. And in this regard, a book simply won’t do. Too much reading. No — the perfect summer vacation “reading” material is the photography book. Below are three new photo books for the summer of 2016, to both get you excited for summer (see: poolside parties, packed beaches or Cuba before the tourism) and offer a quick, low-energy distraction to thumb over as you wait for your your cousin to finally finish in the shower.

Editor’s Note: We rounded up your more traditional, prose-driven books here and here.

Pool Party

In his book, Johnny Pigozzi compiles more than 100 iconic and unpublished snapshots of the vibrant, ongoing party at his swimming pool in Antibes, France — the most famous pool party in the world. The blue water at Villa Dorane has attracted Bono, Woody Allen, Penélope Cruz, Mick Jagger and many more of the world’s famous, powerful eccentrics.


Shooting from a doorless helicopter, Gray Malin captured surreal vantages of packed beaches. Beachgoers are reduced to stunning displays of the interaction between light, shape and color as they vacation on beaches from Sydney to Cape Tow to Rio de Janeiro and The Hamptons.

Cuba La Lucha

Carl De Keyzer, a photographer for Magnum, recently went to Cuba and came back with a study of the country’s duality. Natural juxtapositions of our neighbor dominate the pages; it’s important to see the country from a master’s eye before a wave of American tourism changes it forever.

And a Quick Recommendation from our Photography Manager…


“The book is sick. Kind of weird, but sick.” — Henry Phillips eloquently endorsing The Difficulties of Nonsense, by Robert Cumming. Buy Now: $47