Good morning and happy Wednesday. You’re relaxed as hell, now that summer is officially in full swing. You’re leaving work early on Fridays (luckyyyy…) and have to keep a bottle of sunscreen handy at all times. Making things even more enjoyable, music streaming service Pandora has released their first comedy station, called New Comedy. It’s aimed at listeners who are in discovery mode and looking for fresh laughs from probably unfamiliar voices. Crank up some comics and crack open a cold one for us, would ya? That is, after you read about what’s good in gear: an off-road utility cart, reimagined golf shoes, a desk-decluttering sensation and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

MKI Road Aluminum Bicycle by LOW


Constructed of artfully welded, aerospace-grade and oversized aluminum tubing, these road bikes are fashioned by the Low team at a rate of around 20 each month. Cables are integrated internally and there’s a tapered carbon road fork out front — everything here is engineered for precision and lightness. And looks. These bikes also look very, very good.

Mini Docking Station by Satechi


The Myth of the Cord Cutter is ubiquitous and annoying. Few of manage to achieve a truly wireless, minimalist electronics situation in general, let alone on our workspace. But at least there are options for condensing the tangle. Boasting a gigabit ethernet port, 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI and DVI inputs as well as four USB ports, this is a one-stop shop for all things plugged. And since its design language falls nicely in step with all your other Apple devices, it’ll look right at home, cords and all.

Utility Cart by Kyboka


Picnics, supplies for a weekend getaway, beach days and groceries: no matter who you are, you’re hauling stuff and lots of it. This flat-folding, lightweight cart has big, knobby tires for rough terrain and its handle turns 360 degrees for moving around tight spaces.

Añejo X Tequila by Espolòn


Clocking in at six years young, this tequila, made from Weber Blue Agave, is aged at least twice as long as usual. The bottles are handmade, with designs that nod to ’50s Mexican art. Tasting notes involve chocolate nibs and white peppercorn. Definitely not good for bachelor party shots.

Room and Linen Spray by The Motley x Thread Experiment


Combining scents like neroli and Italian bergamot, perfumer Jacqueline Steele, in cahoots with The Motley and Thread Experiment, has whipped up a spray made for men. It’s a fresh scent for your bedroom and sheets, and will be much appreciated by whomever else might join you therein.

Flyknit Elite Golf Shoe by Nike


Turning “normal” golf shoes on their tongues is this new launch from Nike. The shoes feature a stretchy, sock-like Flyknit upper and Lunarlon running from heel to toe. What’s truly revolutionary, though, is that they’ve passed on golf spikes in favor of a tank-tread-like sole for increased stability and ground contact.

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