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Today in Gear: July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016 Briefings By

Good morning and happy Friday. Mark your calendars now: Tuesday, July 12 is the second annual Amazon Prime Day. 100,000 deals for Amazon Prime members makes the upcoming event the biggest thing Amazon has done. In addition to the cross-category shopping bonanza, there will be other deals on days leading up to the event itself. Maybe now you’ll actually get to work early — so you can use your company’s fast wi-fi to refresh your browser every five seconds. Before you plan your spree, here’s what’s good in gear: a wrinkle-free carry-on, china your mother will hate, a party bucket and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

C38 Wrinkle-Free Luggage by Vocier


Though they’re supposedly inspired by Formula 1 engines, what’s important to note about these bags is that they’re designed to keep you wrinkle-free. The suit-carrier portion of this carry-on arcs over the larger inner compartment, where your shoes, shirts and accessories go. That means no weight pressing new creases into your favorite birds-eye wool three-piece.

At Auction: the First-Ever Shelby Cobra CSX 2000


In the market for a nice little roadster? How about the “Adam” to all American muscle-car descendants? In 1962, when Carroll Shelby shoehorned a 260-horsepower V8 into a small AC Ace, the motoring world changed. When that car was tested, it ran to 60 in 4.2 seconds, which is probably a lot faster than whatever new car you drive. Sotheby’s has set the granddaddy of muscle to cross the auction block in mid-August.

Hybrid China by Seletti


Definitely not what your mom had in mind when you told her you’d put fine china on your wedding registry. Each piece in this full line of dishware is made of two separate dishes fused together to create a little whimsy and a lot of visual interest.

Segment Point-and-Shoot Camera by Blond


This isn’t for sale — yet. But it’s gorgeous. Named for the small depression in the camera body, which houses all controls, this design project has yielded a mirrorless, leather-wrapped camera that makes us drool.

Safari Shank Jacket by Outlier


Made from Outlier’s own Workcloth material — essentially soft-lined Cordura nylon with some added stretch — this safari-inspired jacket is bound to be tough as nails. All we know is it looks killer, thanks to classic details mixed with new tech, like NanoSphere stain shielding. There’s a wait list, but it’s worthwhile.

Party Bucket by Dakine


One five-gallon bucket, one Dakine Party Bucket, a bunch of beer and some ice. Boom: beach fest. Whatever route you take, know that the eight insulated can and bottle holders, one wine-bottle friendly pocket and built-in bottle opener will keep you and your guests (or just you, no judgement) well plied.

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