Smell Good On the Go

What Is Solid Cologne and Why Do You Need It?

July 6, 2016 Style By Photo by Henry Phillips

Though ancient Egyptians used forms of solid cologne, mostly as unguents, the concept of a waxy fragrance alternative is a relatively recent concept, one introduced just a few years ago. Most modern-day iterations are a mixture of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils, so many manufacturers are quick to point out their skin-nourishing qualities. Their main draw, however, is that they’re highly portable. While liquid fragrance bottles are made of glass, which is both bulky and breakable, solid colognes are not only spill-proof, but they often come housed in a small, durable tins that fit easily in your pocket, gym bag or dopp kit. If smelling good on the go is something you value, these are the scents you’ll want to bring with you.

Alfred Lane Brio


Smells like: Vetiver, oak, natural musk
Ounces: 0.50

Juniper Ridge Mojave Trail Resin


Smells like: Dry desert cedar
Ounces: 0.50

Fulton & Roark Shackleford


Smells like: Sandalwood, sweet amber
Ounces: 0.20

Diptyque Philosykos


Smells like: Figs, green grass, cedar
Ounces: 0.14

Le Labo Santal 33


Smells like: Smokey cedarwood, leather, cardamom
Ounces: 0.14