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6 Reasons Why You’re Going on Vacation in Northern Japan This Winter

Briefings By Photo by Henry Phillips

Earlier this year four of us traveled to Hokkaido, an island that comprises the northernmost prefecture of Japan, to ski and snowboard in what we’d heard was the best and most reliable powder on earth. We found heaps of it — you can read about it in issue two of our print magazine — but what really sold us on Hokkaido were all of the other unexpected and really special experiences, like visiting Kan Yasuda’s sculpture garden in Bibai, traveling through a blizzard for appointment-only custard, and eating the freshest chirashi don imaginable. This week we published stories about these experiences that didn’t appear in the magazine. Read them and then book your flights. You’re going to Hokkaido this winter. – Jeremy Berger

For Ski and Snowboard Bliss, Go to the Island Where It Never Stops Snowing

It doesn’t stop snowing. Ever.

A Hokkaido Travel Guide

In winter, Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, is an expanse of white, from the ski lifts in Niseko to the cape of Shiretoko; in summer, the white is replaced by lush green.

Inside the Beating Heart of Japanese Seafood

Hokkaido Fish Market Gear Patrol Slide 9
6:30 a.m. A rare look at the loud, fast and smelly business of Hokkaido’s largest fish market.

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“Yes, it’s true. I — car geek for nigh upon 30 years, single man who chooses to ogle a Ferrari smoothing past rather than a pretty woman, typically stressed New Yorker who imagines shifting a notchy five-speed to calm himself down — genuinely like the continuously variable transmission.”
– Nick Caruso

An Exclusive Look Inside Japan’s Camping-Themed Luxury Hotel at the Base of Mt. Fuji

If you judge a room by its view, this is one of the best in the world.

For the Best Dessert You’ll Ever Have, Just Make an Appointment. In Japan.

Two travelers find passion and an escape, in pudding.

The Little Japanese Coffee Shop That Beat the Third Wave

Morhiko Coffee Gear Patrol Lead Full
In Sapporo, where boutique coffee shops haven’t infested every metropolitan corner, Cafe Morihiko stands as an example of independent coffee evolution. We sat down with its owner.

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