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This Week in Gear: July 25-29

Briefings : Today in Gear By Photo by TOPO Designs x Howler Brothers

Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you cheerfully and (very) warmly welcome August — and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

New Bag Collection + Product to Project by Miir


Four bags, all utilitarian and streamlined, whose proceeds benefit education resources for children. We’re always fans of a good commuter bag, but the tote and pouch are welcome additions to the arsenal.

Run Cannonball Run Shorts by Tracksmith


If you are in any way active, especially in the outdoors, you know well the benefits of fast-drying apparel. These new shorts from Tracksmith sport the brand’s classic aesthetic but feature decidedly modern tech: the poly-blend material is treated with a hydrophobic finish, while the up close and personal liner is a nylon blend that aims to dry as fast as possible.

New 505C Jean by Levi’s


Levi’s 505 fit has been around for nearly 50 years now, and it’s just gotten a modern upgrade (C = customized for modern fits). The mid-rise jeans are slim and straight and meant to sit right on your hips. It’s the right fit for a man who wants to feel comfortable and look on top of his style game, since the thigh-hugging skinny jean trend is on its last legs.

Aukland Modern Running Shoe by Converse


From the brand that brought you decades of wear-them-until-they’re-dust Chucks, these new runners feature a split knit upper and Nike Hyperfuse construction mated to a Phylon outsole.

Z9D 4K HDR TVs by Sony


Think super deep blacks and very high contrast. Sony’s new High Dynamic Range TVs are powered by Backlight Master Drive Technology to make your favorite movies pop. The biggest issue we see is decided between the three sizes, from 65- to 100-inch.

Metallic Series Rose Gold Tech Accesories by Satechi


To supplement your new ultra-luxe rose gold Macbook, Satechi is offering a line of accessories that’ll fit right in. From a pass-through Type-C USB hub to a headphone, Apple Watch, and Lightning charger stands, your desk should be seeing lots of pink.

‘Made in the USA’ Center-Hi by PF Flyers


This updated version of the sneakers you know and love (see: Sandlot, Film) is slightly different from the originals in a very attractive way. 14-ounce heavyweight canvas features leather details (instead of rubber) on the toe and vamp, and the lining is 100 percent pigskin leather to coddle your feet. Each pair of kicks is finished by hand in Boston, signified both by the name and stamped lining. They’re the perfect classics for the ballpark or commute — and everything in between.

Men’s Elite Run Short with Smartphone Pocket by ROKA


Ah, running. The most basic and accessible of the aerobic activities: simply step out of doors and move your feet. But what of the fear that we’re missing a delicious tweet? What of the text response we’ve gone crazy awaiting? What of Pokemon?! With its two integrated pockets, ROKA allows the safe carriage of what you need most when you leave your place: keys and your phone. The key pocket is designed to minimize pokes, while the phone pocket features bonded seams and a hydrophobic lining to keep your warranty intact.

Water-Resistant Constant Briefcase by Stuart & Lau


Commute much? Like, outside? (Where it rains?) Try some lightweight, waterproof twill nylon with Horween leather details and hand-polished hardware. This briefcase features a wheel-bag-ready handle pass-through, so you can keep things in place as you sprint to make your connection. Its companion piece, an equally clever weekender, features an umbrella slot to keep your body dry, too.

At Auction: Rare Celebration Apple-1 Computer


Own one of the first Apple computers ever. According to the auction house, no computers configured in this way were sold to the public — it features blank PC boards and manual solders. That means it’s a truly unique and original computer; in fact, in many ways it’s the original.

Roark Sunglasses by Turnbull & Asser X Larke


Each of these is handmade in England, and, going against Turnbull & Asser’s normally flamboyant aesthetic, is streamlined and minimalist. But no less handsome than you’d expect — just like your sunglass-wearing face.

Ferret AFV by Action Vehicle Engineering X TOYO


This is a 1959 Ferret six-wheel ATV. It’s armor-plated and its small inline-six has been replaced with an LS V8. Maybe most impressive, the cannon atop the vehicle has been replaced with a grappling hook gun, ostensibly to help wench the Ferret out of sticky situations. The King suspension parts beneath the body are mated to 39-inch TOYO Open Country tires; the middle wheels are raised and lowered by hydraulics. If that doesn’t sound great enough in print, watch this video and enjoy your stupid grin.

2.Zerogrand Collection by Cole Haan


Cole Haan has been innovating men’s footwear for a good long time, most notably with their Zerogrand technology, which essentially combines the best, most advanced parts of sneakers with the best, most advanced parts of dress shoes. And now they’ve outdone themselves with the next-gen 2.Zerogrand Oxfords, which are the dressiest running shoe-iest forward-thinking shoes you’ll find. A foam footbed manages both cushioning and moisture control, while a stretchy sock-like liner keeps your foot in place and maintains the stylish profile. Unlike those stiff leather dress shoes you bought for your friend’s wedding, the perforated upper blends with engineered outsoles to flex more than your foot could ever hope to, which means unrestricted comfort. Great colorways (like those black/blue, black/white, brown/red…okay, all of them) round out the futuristic foot-pleasing lineup.

S.H.A.D.O. Pack by Prometheus Design Werx


Thanks to a clever clamshell design, this pack offers easy access to its near-minimalist, mostly unencumbered-by-dangly-stuff two compartments. Because of its design and over-engineering, this pack is built just as much for city warriors as it is weekend hikers: more high-tech materials than would be feasible to list here combine with water bladder ports, a padded laptop sleeve, myriad interior compartments and performance details that make this 24-liter pack pretty much the last you’ll ever need.

Pack and Apparel Collaboration by TOPO Designs x Howler Brothers


This is the collaboration that keeps on giving, especially if you’re into green. From a mountain pack and field bag to the snapback cap and snap-front shirt, this gear features smart detailing: a glare-reducing brim on the hat, water-resistant truck tarp on the pack, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant panels on the shirt and much more.

Wingnut Cruiser with Kicktail by Aluminati


What’s that? You’re the cool guy in the office, the envy of all departments, because you glide in each morning on your custom-deck grinding machine? Prepare to blow your old self out of the water, thanks to one, simple word: kicktail. Owing its inspiration to dovetail surfboards, this extra-functional line of skateboards is made for hanging ten even during your landlocked commute.

9-Year High Rye Bourbon by Redemption


There’s a lot of rye in this high-rye bourbon‘s recipe — even by high-rye standards. Which means it’s far enough removed from the norm that you should be clearing off a place on your bar. This is Redemption’s first-ever cask-strength high-rye, and it’s aged for nine years.

Selfridges Edition Three-Wheeler UK 1909 Edition EV3 by Morgan


Not only because both companies are the same age, not only because both companies are pushing environmentally conscious policies, not only because both companies stand for distinct style and proper Britishness. It’s actually all three of those reasons (and many more) combined that make this collaboration a dream pairing. It’s a special edition of the EV version of the zany, retro-futuristic runabout we all know and love and lust after. So grab your goggles and shearling coat, stuff your pipe full and get motoring in style.

The Players Shirt by Criquet


The 2016 PGA Championship began today, and all the pro golfers are sporting their shiny, brightly colored golf shirts (looking at you, Rickie Fowler). Whatever happened to the classic, no-BS golf shirt that the greats — Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros — used to wear? Luckily, the classic golf shirt is still around, and it’s better than ever. The Players Shirt by Criquet is made of breathable, odor-resistant organic cotton: it balances the snugness of a modern fit and the comfort of a classic and features a traditional four-button collar that’ll resist the dreaded “bacon collar” on and off the course — even when freefalling at 120 mph.

Use the code GEARPATROL at checkout to get 20% off all Players Shirts. Offer ends Sunday, July 31.

Pro Drybag With Inflatable Protection by Subtech


Dry bags are true godsends when your adventures necessitate luggage conveyance that goes beyond the airport or car trunk. But the waterproof membranes that keep moisture at bay don’t offer the most protection from impacts and other hazards. Subtech has innovated the dry bag, endowing it with inflatable chambers along the interior walls to provide cushion and support as well as buoyancy (if necessary). The bags will keep contents dry to 164 feet below the surface, and a diagonal zipper design makes for easy access to their innards.

Elise Race 250 by Lotus


Driver-oriented cars are, if enthusiasts are to be believed, becoming less and less common. Lotus disagrees, by way of their latest berzerk creation. The Race 250 is a track-ready version of their already inimitable Elise. Its supercharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder is mated to a six-speed manual, which handles a copious 243 horsepower — hardcore, considering the car’s sub-2,000-pound dry weight. We can almost feel the twisties calling…

AF-S 105mm F1.4E ED Prime Lens by Nikon


Unwilling to sit around and make the same set of prime lenses for the rest of time (24, 28, 35, 50, 85, 135), Nikon — the same people who brought you the fantastic 58mm f/1.4 — have taken a traditionally macro-photography-concentrated focal length and given it a much wider aperture. The result is a nearly perfect long portrait lens that rivals the $10,000 200mm f/2, when it comes to separating subjects from backgrounds. Though the lens will undoubtably produce stunning photos, we’re just happy Nikon’s pushing the field of lens design. – Henry Phillips, Photography Manager

The Rambler 600 Tachymetric Watch by Shinola


Shinola has just launched its latest timepiece — a handsome, retro-looking chronograph said to be inspired by Craig Breedlove, the first man to break 500 mph and 600 mph on land. As such, it’s Shinola’s first timepiece to feature a tachymetric scale on the outer bezel. Inside is Shinola’s Argonite 5021 quartz chronograph movement (essentially a Swiss Ronda movement), and is available with either a nylon, leather or rubber straps, or a stainless-steel bracelet. – Andrew Connor, Watches Writer

Cambium Performance Bicycle Saddles by Brooks


Made for durability, this lightweight, aluminum-structured and waterproof line of saddles is, designed for riders of all stripes — so long as they’re racers. There are five variations within the Cambium family and four stoic, handsome colorways from which to choose. Get your seat and get cycling.

Luminoodle Light Rope by Power Practical


City dwellers, this may come as a shock, but there are places in the world that aren’t illuminated 24/7 — places like campsites and backyards and lakeside forrests. And there you bring your own light, so make it clever light. These aren’t rope lights from the dorm room — they’re strips of brilliant LEDs powered by USB outlets or battery packs (like these). Included are magnets, universal ties, loops and magnets, so that you can hang or temporarily install light anywhere; the whole shebang is waterproof and its carrying bag doubles as a diffuser for lantern mode.

New Six-Cup Pitcher by Soma


Soma has been taking care of our clean, simple hydration needs for some time now. This newest release is a small edition of their popular and beautiful pitcher. It boasts BPA-free plastic and a coconut-shell-based filter; each purchase benefits charity as well. We’re fans of the new compact size, but especially of the white-oak handle, which tickles our aesthetic bone quite nicely.

Gear Up Limited Edition Sahara 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle by Ural


In Siberian Russia, motorcycle off-roads Ural! (Pause for uproarious laughter…) The latest news from the perennial badasses and sidecar aficionados at Ural is this: a 749cc, 2WD (for off-road or icy travels), Brembo-braked moto with spare tire, spotlight, a utility shovel and more. But it’s being offered in a limited-edition sahara color, which is beyond perfect for every adventure under the sun.

Tornanti Magazine x Red Hook Criterium London No.2


Limited to 100 total units, this issue details the Red Hook Crit London No. 2 — 60 pages of documentation of two-wheeled, pedal-powered competition, and well deserving of a spot on your coffee table.

The Wyatt Ostrich Leather Boots by Tecovas


Cowboy boots are associated with many things: ropin’ cattle, gunslingers and outrageous comfort. It’s said that there may not be a more comfortable footwear option available. We’ll let you determine that yourself when you pre-order these new ostrich leather fellas and make a sartorial splash at the saloon. The hand-corded shaft is done in super-soft calfskin, and the whole look is finished off with a classic angled heel.

Field Series Sunglasses by Warby Parker


Warby’s new limited-edition sunnies collection features three frame shapes and six total colorways. The shades are multi-layered and boast a vaguely retro vibe — just know how to shop for sunglasses and make your pick.