Good morning and happy Wednesday. Recent health guidelines from the US government have dropped the recommendation that people regularly floss to prevent gum disease. We’re mostly neutral on the issue, though, to be fair without flossing in the world, how would the opening credits of Dexter have made sense? How would we consistently disappoint our dental hygienist every six months? Anyway, here’s what’s good in gear: an altruistic and innovative yoga mat, a terrific portable writer’s desk, a throwback watch in a new colorway and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Exclusive Prime 12-Pack by Allen Brothers


For 120 years, Allen Brothers has supplied many of the best restaurants in the country with the finest hand-cut meat money can buy. The Prime 12-Pack combines their most popular cuts of USDA Prime meat into one package — four 5-ounce filet mignon steaks, four 6-ounce boneless ribeyes and four 6-ounce steakhouse burgers — shipped right to your door.

Use the code GP2016 at checkout to save $75 off the Exclusive Prime 12-Pack. Offer expires September 1.

Samsung Galaxy Note7


Samsung just announced their next smartphone: the Galaxy Note 7. It adds water resistance and a better battery (amongst other things) to last year’s Note 5. Plus it has many of similar features of the lauded Galaxy S7: the same processor, amount of RAM, 12-megapixel camera, dual-curved Super AMOLED display and wireless charging. The coolest feature, however, is you can unlock the phone with your eyes. Pre-orders start today. It ships August 19. Tucker Bowe, Tech Writer

Yogo Mat Ultralight 2.0 by YOGO


Yoga is good for body and mind, but those squishy roll-up mats you found at the dollar store feel and look…less than acceptable. And the ones your gym has available to borrow are crusty germ bombs. Yogo’s Ultralight features attached straps that form a carrying handle, and the mat is constructed out of natural rubber-coated cotton mesh, so it won’t stretch. You’ll also do the world some good: a food tree is planted for a needy family in Africa or Latin America with every purchase.

Voom 20 Bluetooth Speaker by VAVA


Two 8-watt drivers and dual passive subwoofers deliver enough sound to make your neighbors jealous/mildly irritated while this speaker’s water-resistant construction keeps the tunes (or NPR podcasts) pumping, even through cannonball competitions. Better yet, a 10-hour run time solidifies your status as the all-day pool party and cookout champ.

Field Desk by Best Made Co.


It’s been said that a good writer can be made great when he uses superlatively gorgeous portable work stations. (Note: this hasn’t been said ever, but the logic stands.) Best Made Co. consulted the pros for this one, and designed their USA-made Field Desk using American cherrywood, an aniline-dyed leather writing surface, and leather and felt details. Interior trays hold all your implements; you just have to provide the impetus.

White Dial Stradale Automatic by Autodromo


There are worse things than looking at your wrist and being automatically reminded of late-’50s and ’60s racing Berlinettas. Sapphire crystal covers a multi-layer dial and everything fits to your wrist with a custom-designed leather strap. Autodromo hasn’t offered this particular watch for a while, but it returns next month, now inclusive of this new white dial option. Not something you’d want to pass up.

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