These Boots Are Made For Ridin'

Low Key Motorcycle Boots for the Casual Ride


For those who ride motorcycles on a daily basis, or even just take their bike for a spin on the weekends, rides that require full head-to-toe leathers are few and far between. Impromptu rides — into town, to meet up with friends, or just because — negate the need to get totally kitted out. Full-on armor defeats the purpose of a spontaneous, casual ride, because putting on and taking off all that gear is a chore. Not to mention overkill; you’ll look like an overzealous gimp upon arrival at your final destination.

That’s not to say you should sacrifice on safety. Quite the opposite. There are plenty of stylish leather jackets and motorcycle-grade denim jeans to keep you looking cool, reserved and safe. The same goes for motorcycle boots. You don’t have to go for something tactical and knee-high or black and polished and look like you’re either about to write a ticket or invade a neighboring country. There are plenty of casual motorcycle boots and shoes out there that will blend right in, no matter where you are, as soon as you park and hop out of the saddle. These are our favorites.

Classic High-Top Style


Black 9 by Speed and Strength $100


Anaheim by Alpinestar $170


Truant by Icon 1000 $200


Stelvio by Rev’it $239

Vintage Style Boots


Rayburn by Oscar $250


Cafe Boots by Dainese $260


Oxford Boots by Stylmartin $285


Urban Racer by Rokker $699