Good morning. Have you delayed on-boarding the electric car charge? Feeling a little range anxiety, perhaps? A new study shows that 87 percent of cars on the road right now “could be replaced by a low-cost electric vehicle available today, even if there’s no possibility to recharge during the day.” Think about how large that number is. The arguments against going full-on battery are getting harder to resist (ohm joke not intended…or was it?). Here’s what’s good in gear: a doggy bed fit for a king, a new lens kit for budding cinematographers, a socially responsible water bottle and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

At Auction: 1970 Ford Bronco


Powered by a rebuilt V8 that’s managed by a heavy-duty upgraded transmission, this lime-green off-road fantasy also features a four-speed transfer case and winches galore. It’s one of a ton of vehicles crossing the block this weekend in Monterey. Maybe we’ll see you there.

Casper Dog Mattress


You already sleep like a baby; shouldn’t your best friend? After 11 months of development, this microfiber-covered, dual-memory foam mattress aims to relieve sleep pressure while supporting Rover’s dog bod. The cover is machine washable, and just like their mattresses, Casper offers a 100 night trial. Three sizes are on offer; three colors, too.

Grovemade Speaker System


These speaker shells are fashioned from your choice of domestically sourced maple or walnut and feature a 2 x 25-watt amp and a two-inch full-range driver. Audiophiles, clear off your credenzas and gird your eardrums.

Todd Snyder x New Balance Black & Tan 998


Designed as an homage to NYC’s Old Town Bar (which is a fantastic, old-school pub), and inspired by the eponymous drink, these Black & Tans are the famed designer’s interpretation of a now-classic sneaker. They’re limited edition, so hurry and pick up a pair; if you’re showing them off at the bar, send us a pic.

Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit II


Lensbaby always has their finger on the pulse of what the modern cameraman wants, but their latest launch has its viewfinder set squarely on cinephiles. Utilizing the brand’s popular Composer Pro II and a PL mount, they’ve included other important optics to please to cater to the movie magic crowd.

Soma Glass Water Bottle


Soma is known for their righteous, responsible, sensible hydration solutions. Their latest drop (please don’t drop it) is beautiful and, unlike their ubiquitous pitchers, can and should be taken on the go. Three materials — bamboo, glass and BPA-free silicon — make up this new water bottle. Get your eight glasses in the most stylish way possible.

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