The Wilson X Connected Football

A Football That Shows Just How Good (or Bad) You Throw


As a followup to their connected basketball, the Wilson X Connected Football will train you like the pro you want to be. Give it a toss and the ball’s companion app will provide feedback via a number of metrics including peak velocity, distance traveled, spin rate and so-called “spiral efficiency”. Just in case you’re not an expert on throwing mechanics, all of those details are also processed into a composite score for every throw that’s akin to the NFL’s passer rating figure. Wilson’s even figured out a way to create “games” based on the data, letting you simulate what it’s like to go against your favorite NFL team.

The connected football available in official and junior spec, and its built-in sensors monitor everything from spin rate and spiral efficiency to speed and distance. And of course everything is monitored and recorded on dedicated mobile apps. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you whether the ball’s fully inflated or not. Watch how it all works in the video below.

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