N.A. Taransky Bamboo Fly Rods

Watch How a Stunning Fishing Rod Is Made

August 19, 2016 Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Michael Herman

Nick Taransky is a craftsman based in Australia who handcrafts some of the finest fishing rods in the world. He refines raw bamboo, step by step, over the course of countless hours, shaping each strip until it fits perfectly. The finished rods are durable, have a beautiful action given some luck, will land you fish for years into the future. In small-to-medium-sized streams, bamboo rods are ideal thanks to their natural, and delicate presentation. At most, Taransky can produce 30 rods a year, and demand has led to a three-year wait list — but the investment is well worth it. Taransky’s rods range in price from $1,600 for standard models to bespoke options that can get pricey, fast.