Good morning. Want to become a record-breaking endurance athlete? Eat junk food. Over the weekend, Karl Meltzer, a 48-year-old endurance runner who happens to have accomplished the most 100+ mile-long trail race wins of anyone in the world, set the record for fastest completion of all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail (46 days) — fueled by nightly beers, Sprees candy, Three Musketeers chocolate bars, Tang and Red Bull. Nasty broccoli and vitamin-infused organic kale can suck it! Here’s what’s good in gear: a beautifully designed desk, bold designer dress socks and a high-performance commuter backpack.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

The New Primal Beef Jerky


The best jerky is elemental. It’s raised on grass, steeped in organic flavor, dried by fire and sun — caveman-style. The New Primal’s jerky is as pure as dried meat can get: it comes from happy, ethically raised cows, free of those scary hormones and chemicals and unpronounceable test-tube abominations. Four new jerky flavors released today: Habanero Pineapple, Cilantro Lime, Barbecue and Maple Bacon.



Consider for a moment your most-used piece of furniture. If you’re a working adult, it’s most likely a desk. As such, desks — more than any other piece of furniture — should receive the greatest attention to detail, and the most human-friendly design. And that’s exactly what ARTIFOX’S Desk 02 does: it stores cables and electronics free of ugly cord tangles; it’s modular, able to accommodate your precise needs with several optional attachments; a minimalistic design makes productivity intuitive and distraction-free.

Stance x Maharishi Box Set


Two big names in fashion: Stance, a renowned maker of boldly patterned socks (all the rage right now), and Maharishi, a trailblazing London design house, teamed up to create a limited-edition three-piece set of unique camouflage-patterned socks.

Mujjo iPhone 7 Cases


No matter how durable Apple claims the iPhone 7 is, smartphones will always need some kind of case — if not for protective reasons, then for cosmetic. Mujjo’s leather iPhone 7 cases fade like a well-worn wallet; two models replace your wallet altogether, with a slim pocket for stashing a few credit cards.

Rumpl Limited Edition Super Fleece Blanket


Rumpl’s blankets are crafted using the same technology and materials as high-performance outerwear: ultra-warm fleece insulation, stain- and odor-resistant fabric and lightweight construction. Cozy as a fleece jacket on a cool fall evening.

Osprey Radial 26 Commuter Backpack with Kickstand


You really have to admire Osprey. Year after year, they continue to find ways to improve and sometimes revolutionize backpack design, even when it seems there’s no need to. Their latest commuter pack, the Radial, introduces an all-new kickstand system, its active fit is more precise than ever before, and it’s acutely designed to accommodate a bike lock, a light, a water bottle, a laptop and a helmet.

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