Good morning. Keep an eye out for a multi-billion-dollar fiery meteor of glass and steel falling from the sky: late next year, a derelict Chinese satellite will plummet to earth and shower its remains over a (hopefully) unpopulated area. Also, we’re giving away a limited-edition ONA Bowery camera bag in camouflage waxed canvas. All you need to do is submit your email address for a chance to win. Here’s what’s good in gear: a face-care kit, ultra-accurate watches and an heirloom-worthy shoe-shine kit.

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Kit and Ace Unrestricted Blazer Jacket


Not all technical clothing has staying power. If a garment is made to move, nine times out of ten it looks like a bad superhero costume, or it fits terribly and feels worse. But Kit and Ace clothing, crafted with the utmost attention towards day-to-day functionality and timeless, minimalist style, hits the sweet spot between active-ready and spot-on style. Their Unrestricted Blazer Jacket fits like a hand-tailored suit coat (the fabric is enhanced with four-way stretch fibers); an interchangeable mid layer can be zipped in on cold days and there are myriad zippered pockets for storing your everyday carry.

ONA Bowery Camera Bag Limited Edition


ONA’s limited-edition camouflage version of their Bowery camera bag launched today. It’s made of handcrafted, water-resistant waxed canvas, and features refined details like full-grain leather and antique brass hardware. The Bowery has a padded interior that can protect and organize your camera gear — one to two lenses, a camera body, and personal items — but that also be removed, to use the bag as a regular messenger bag. This bag is limited edition, and only 100 are up for grabs, so get one while you can. — Caitlyn Girardi, Editorial Apprentice

American Shine Co. Complete Shoe Shine Kits


Dress shoes have remained more or less unchanged for hundreds of years. Since leather will always need to be cared for, a handmade shoe-shine kit like American Shine Co.’s is something you’ll get great use out of, as will your children.

The Rich + Clean Proper Face Care Regimen Kit


For average-looking skin, simply splash a bit of water on your face before going to bed and call it good. For spectacular-looking (and spectacular-feeling) skin, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to a daily regimen. Before you’re ready to fully commit, try these sample-sized bottles from The Rich + Clean’s 3-part face care kit, containing face wash, toner/aftershave and a moisturizer. If you love it (and judging by the smell of this stuff, we’re confident you will), go for the full set.

Nomad Leather iPhone 7 Case


A leather wallet is essential. So is a phone case. Nomad’s iPhone 7 case combines the two; it’s able to hold two credit cards, raised edges protect your screen from short drops and the all-natural leather develops a rich patina.

Morganwerk Ultra Accurate Watches


Young watch brand Moregenwerk has unveiled a line of watches, all featuring a super-accurate quartz movement. Each high-end quartz movement is thermo-compensating and receives GPS atomic clock signals to self-adjust to the proper time. As such, Morgenwerk claims the movement is accurate to within 0.75 seconds a year. Eight different versions — in both stainless steel and titanium-carbide-coated cases — are available. — Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer

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