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With These Apps, You’ll Never Have to Leave Home

September 28, 2016 Tech : Apps By

You can now complete everything on your daily to-do list without leaving your couch. Years ago, this was impossible. A trip to the doctor’s office, a grocery run, shopping for clothes, cleaning and fixing stuff around the house — these chores couldn’t be done in a single day. But not anymore. These apps allow you to get tasks done quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to spend more time doing things that are truly enjoyable.

Skip the Doctor’s Office and Personal Trainer

Doctors are great. They prevent us from dying and all that good stuff. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’d prefer to never see you again unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sorry, Doc. If we’re due, please come to our door. As for personal trainers — well, you’re the anti-docs, and if we’re seeking preventative health measures, we’d love to do so from the comfort of our own abode.

SimpleContacts: Eye exams and prescription contacts, all from one app. iOS
Doctor on Demand: Video checkups with certified physicians and psychologists. iOS / Android
Fitstar: Video workout tutorials curated by professional trainers — no gym necessary. iOS / Android
Jefit: A clipboard-carrying, numbers-obsessed personal trainer in your pocket. iOS / Android

Never Go to a Shopping Mall Again

The shopping mall, though a fantastic place to observe humans in all of their beautiful and bizarre forms, is a huge downer. These apps will give you that same shopping euphoria without all the negative stuff that comes with the mall.

Amazon: The world’s largest online store, right at your fingertips. iOS / Android
Jet: Get rewarded with better deals by shopping more. iOS / Android
Gilt: The latest high-end fashion at irresistible prices. iOS / Android
Groupon: Get coupons for just about everything. iOS / Android

Complete Household Chores with a Swipe of a Finger

Think of these apps as having mom to do your laundry, a housekeeper to clean up your mess, a personal assistant to ship your packages and a handyman to fix your house, all on demand. The services are a bit more expensive than the traditional routes, but you get what you pay for — and not having to do anything yourself is well worth it.

Rinse: Pick-up and drop-off laundry service. (SF and L.A. only.) iOS / Android
Cleanly: Pick-up and drop-off laundry service. (NYC only.) iOS
Shyp: Pick-up and shipping service. (SF, L.A., NYC and Chicago only.) iOS / Android
IFTTT: Automatically complete one task when you complete another. iOS / Android
Thumbtack: On-demand cleaners, builders, teachers and more. (Available in all 50 states.) iOS / Android
TaskRabbit: Pay someone to complete things on your to-do list. (Available in these US cities.) iOS / Android

Restaurants and Bars, Right to Your Door

One of the app economy’s great triumphs is food-to-door delivery services. You’re probably well acquainted with a few of them already (if you’re like me, probably too acquainted), but here’s some you might not have seen, including two apps for full-on grocery delivery rather than single meals.

Instacart: Order groceries right to your door. (Available in these US areas.) iOS / Android
Shipt: Order groceries right to your door. (Available in these US areas.) iOS / Android
Saucey: Booze and tobacco delivery service. (Available in SF, L.A., San Diego and Chicago only.) iOS / Android
Seamless: Food from local restaurants, delivered lightning-fast. (Available in these US cities.) iOS / Android
DoorDash: Another lightning-fast food-delivery service. (Available in these US cities.) iOS / Android