No Heated Steering Necessary

Great Leather Gloves for This Fall

October 6, 2016 Cars By Photo by Tanner Goods

Have you ever driven a car with a heated steering wheel? It’s lovely. Driving during the late fall and winter may, for the most part, absolutely blow, but a warm, cozy interior always makes the drive slightly better. Say you have an older car from before the feature became ubiquitous, though, or that perhaps you prefer to allocate the $750 towards the Sport Package instead of the Cold Weather Package when ordering your new ride. First of all, we like your style.

Second of all, a good pair of gloves are your godsend. Instead of going for some thick, puffy Gore-Tex numbers, we recommend a thin — but insulated — pair of grippy leather gloves. They’ll be warm enough to keep the blood flowing to your fingers, thin enough to allow for steering feel and stylish enough to go with your work or smart-casual attire. There’s no shortage of great options out there that fit the bill, but these 10 are our favorites.


Quilted Leather Glove by Barbour $59


Noland Leather Capacitive Mobile Touchscreen Glove by U|R Powered $75


Andrew Glove by Hestra $79


Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo $84


Town and Field Glove by Orivs $109


Utica Driver Gloves by Tanner Goods $125


Bearwood by Dents $180


Leather and Suede Touchscreen Gloves by Brooks Brothers $228


City Gloves by Tod’s $445


Intrecciato Leather Gloves by Bottega Venetta $550