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Denim Motorcycle Jackets That Save Skin and Boost Style

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Outside of leather, no material is more ubiquitous with motorcyclists than denim. From fit to finish, that sturdy cotton, cone-milled fabric is the touchstone for our seemingly carefree and rebellious lifestyle. Of course, not all denim is created equal. We’ve already pointed out some stellar picks to protect your legs, but now that we’re in the shoulder season of fall, a denim jacket goes a long way toward capping off a stylishly layered look. Of course, that red-tabbed originator might look the part, but it doesn’t stand a chance if your shiny side goes down. To keep you protected, we’ve found seven stylish denim jackets that will also save your bacon.


Overhaul Jacket by Speed and Strength $150


Bronson Jacket by Roland Sands Design $200


Intercept Jacket by Rev’It $206


Jeans Net Jacket by Spidi $279


Ray Canvas Jacket by Oscar by Alpinestars $300


Unbreakable Jacket by Saint $500


Revolution Jacket by Rokker $540