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Your Next Purchase: A Better Dress Watch

October 14, 2016 Watches By Photo by Henry Phillips

While you can get away with wearing just about any watch with a suit, if you’re one to sweat over the details then it might be time to rethink your wrist-wear come your next formal event. So what makes a good dress watch? Unlike a dive watch or a field watch, which have pretty cut-and-dry requirements (water resistance and legibility, respectively), it’s a little unclear. Many folks suggest going for something thin that’ll easily slide under your shirt cuff. As for complications, they’re fine; but because you’re wearing something to complement your attire, simplicity is something to strive for. And that’s pretty much it — from there, look for an aesthetic that works for you. But should you still be unsure of what to get, read on: we’ve amassed some of our favorite dressy watches of the last year.

A Customizable Dress Watch for the Casual Generation


Martenero’s take on the dress watch is perfect for the new generation of the workforce donning smart casual in lieu of business suits.

5 Classy Dress Watches Under $1,000


Think of a dress watch. Imagining anything you can afford? Truth is, our idea that dress watches need be luxury items is way off. These five fit our new definition: watches that jive with both formal wear and greasy fast food binges.

The Small, Square Watch Is Back and It’s Perfect


The NOMOS Tetra is only 29mm, but it’s square — and for looks and style on your wrist, that makes all the difference.

The Art of the Ultra-Thin Watch


The best thin watches for men come in at less than 10mm and are dressy, comfortable and incredibly well engineered.

In Bulgari’s Octo, a New Sleeper Classic


Gérald Genta’s overlooked design is a watch full of contradictions. And that’s a good thing.

An Endorsement for the Groom Watch


Buying the groom-to-be a watch as an engagement gift is a new tradition. If you aren’t sure what to get him, consider one of these six.

Germany’s Most Sought-After Watchmaker Has a New Entry-Level Timepiece


At $14,800, A. Lange & Söhne’s downsized dress watch is an affordable and beautiful entry point to Germany’s storied watch brand.

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