There’s an art to the day-trip business flight. Dress for a quick tarmac-to-boardroom transition, bring nothing extraneous, and don’t lower quality in exchange for comfort (first impressions begin when you deplane). Whether you’re flying to lock the deal, settle the dispute, or to report on the latest developments, these stylish essentials will make sure you look every bit as important as your travel — from business class to business meeting.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to “Weekend Carry,” the essential goods you need when traveling for work or pleasure, catered to specific trips and destinations. Our selections include the core products for your adventure; the rest of the bag, we’ll leave up to you.

Gear Essentials

Italian Leather and Compact Tech


Italian Leather Briefcase by Paul Evans $999


iPhone 7 by Apple $649


Italian Leather Belt by Paul Evans $149


Today’s News by The New York Times $2.50


The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford by Paul Evans $399