To become a foremost authority on any subject, it takes decades of learning the ins and outs of your field. Or, if you’re supremely lucky, possessing an unrivaled natural talent and enthusiasm for your subject. We’re fortunate enough to cross paths with a few of these individuals and share their stories regularly. From a wedding-photographer-turned-petrolhead to a man who turned racing games into a real racing career. From the Porschephile who upholds a family legacy to the car designers changing the future. These are just a few of the motoring-world acolytes we’ve met; keep reading for more.

Pro-Gamer Turned Real Racer


For most of us, video games are a casual pastime. For Glenn McGee, they led to more than $30,000 and a professional career racing for Mazda.

5 Reasons to Love Cars, As Told by the Experts


Featuring the Stig (yes, that Stig), a photographer, a journalist and more.

Meet the Man Turning Vintage Porsches into Modern Performance Marvels


By the time Rod Emory finishes a car, he has been toiling over it for nearly a year. Rust-bitten heaps leave having had their every inch scrutinized, restored or customized.

How Tech Is Changing Cars, and the People Who Write About Them


Seasoned automotive journalist Matt DeLorenzo says the modern automobile is a vehicle for technology and the future of journalism is in print.

The Man Who Won a 1,000-Mile Expedition Through a Jungle in a Yellow Land Rover


Vermonter Mike Hussey recounts his journey into the Malaysian jungle during the 1993 Camel Trophy.

Meet the Woman Who’s Turned Wedding Photography into a Career Shooting Vintage Cars


Amy Shore is a photographer based in Leicestershire, England, and she’s found herself elbow deep in mind-bendingly beautiful vintage cars.

3 Top Car Designers on Motoring’s Present — and Future


At the North American International Auto Show, three top car designers show what goes into creating world-class style, function and driving excitement.