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What We’re Wearing Now: Markhor Lagom Loafer


Markhor’s website describes the Lagom loafer perfectly. Paraphrasing, they say you’ll be struck by its immediate comfort; everyone else will be struck immediately by its looks. Before wearing the loafers, I was taken by the clean, elegant lines and the equally subtle green piping around the edge of the vamp. When I put the loafers on, their beauty didn’t melt away, but it was upstaged by how effortlessly buttery they felt on my feet.

Markhor’s company founders, hailing originally from a Pakistani village, discovered the internet in 2008 and a few short years later had a fully funded Kickstarter campaign backing their company. Now, Markhor exists as a humble company sincerely appreciative of their customers and backers; their focus is on high-quality footwear made by craftspeople who utilize what the company claims are 1,800-year-old techniques.

That emphasis on community is such a thorough part of what makes these loafers special. It’s warming to know what went into them. But if I’m to be truly honest, it’s hard not to get past the fact that I’m in them. Great loafers to wear barefoot with jeans or to finish off a suit. Subtle luxury, supreme comfort and, yes, plenty of community.

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