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Conquer Winter with the Year’s Best Snowshoes

November 3, 2016 Buying Guides By Photo by Henry Phillips
From Issue Three of the Gear Patrol Magazine.
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When the snow starts to fall, Swedes grab snowshoes. In Norrland, the white stuff covers the ground for roughly nine months out of the year, and a reliable, technologically advanced pair of snowshoes is a necessity. How else are you going to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from a snowcapped summit?

MSR Lightning Ascent

When heading out to bag a summit on a snow-covered trail, this is the best bet. The snowshoe features a metal frame that offers top traction from any angle and on a variety of surfaces, especially steep and technical trails.

Fimbulvetr Hikr

If travelling fast and light is your goal, the Hikr has a slim silhouette and weighs only 4.7 pounds per pair. Its DuPont Hytrel material is also incredibly flexible, allowing you to walk with a natural motion — a rarity in snowshoes.

Faber Sommet

This snowshoe does a bit of everything. It offers an easy-to-use binding system and takes all types of terrain in stride.

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