Good morning. Voting has finished, the results tallied. It’s technically the end of a very long political season rife with stress and drudgery. Regardless, we always have been and always will be optimistic about America and proud of our country. But if you need a palate cleanser as much as we do — or just a reminder of what makes this country wonderful — here’s what makes us proud of the USA. And here’s what’s good in gear: a travel-backpack collab, an app-connected coffee mug, a new Leica camera and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Mizzen+Main Performance Dress Shirts


All of Mizzen+Main’s performance clothing –everything from henleys to chinos to knitwear and denim — is made in the USA. But make special note of their dress shirts, which marry fast-drying, stretchy and lightweight materials with the crisp lines and classic looks your daily wear demands. Which means that after the big presentation or surprise “business lunch” with your boss (read: grilling you about that big presentation), you’ll look sharp, collected and completely un-mussed. In other words, these are shirts that’ll keep you at the top of your professional game, regardless of the situation.

Wrights Notes Customized Notebooks


See the contents of a notebook, and you will understand its owner. Some notebooks are filled with stream-of-consciousness writing, some map out complex equations, others are scribbled with psychotic doodles. No two notebooks are alike. So it makes sense to have a notebook that’s tailored just for you, like Wrights. On their website, you can customize the kind of paper used on every page: graphed, ruled, sheet music, blank, app design and more.

Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography


This huge coffee-table tome will release in late December, and if you’re a watch fanatic, it’s a must-have. 544 pages replete with 600 images (some never seen before) and an in-depth, factual documentation of the famed brand.

The Otis Backpack by Tumi x Cool Hunting


If anyone knows a thing or two about travel gear, it’s the pros at Tumi and the fellas behind Cool Hunting. This version of the pack is constructed from coated canvas and features an RFID pocket, a sleeve for 15-inch laptops and much more.

Ember Temperature-Controlled Mug


How are you enjoying your connect coffee mug? Yeah, thought so. Upgrade and plug in your mug with this guy — it’ll maintain a pre-set temp for two hours on a full charge (or all day long if you use the charging coaster). Just rotate the bottom portion to set a temperature, or use the app to do the same, and also pre-determine temperature profiles for different beverages.

Leica Next-Generation TL Camera


Out with the T and in with the TL, Leica’s updated its aluminum APS-C mirrorless camera by improving continuous autofocus, upgrading internal storage space from 16GB to 32GB, beveling some edges and offering a sweet new Titanium Grey color. – Henry Philips, Photography Manager

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