Good morning. Archaeologists in southern China recently discovered a very strange fossil: a bird-like dinosaur with a beak and feathers. Tongtianlong limosus is about the size of a donkey, and is estimated to have died around 80 million years ago. Little is known about feathered dinosaurs, as they are incredibly rare. Here’s what’s good in gear: a workout kit, a motorcycle jacket, a remastered Sega Genesis and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Bedgear Performance Blankets


Acheiving better sleep means more than waking up refreshed — proper rest drives us to achieve our goals and has a great impact on our health. Bedgear’s performance blanket is engineered to assist in accomplishing proper sleep by keeping you at the perfect sleep-inducing temperature throughout the night. Problem is, many blankets and comforters are too hot or too cold. Either you sweat, or you shiver. Like your favorite athletic gear, Bedgear’s high-performance blankets are unlike any blanket you’ve wrapped yourself in before — they’re highly functional. Their performance tech adjusts to find just the right temperature: zoned and ventilated zippered pockets (two on the twin-size, four on the king and queen) evacuate heat for individualized temperature control. The unique quilted pattern ensures its hand-laid Climacore® insulation stays put, and remains dry and odor-free. The blankets come in three seasonal weights to suit your regional climate: warm, warmer and warmest. This is the performance blanket for guys who want to hack their sleep and take it to the next level.

Sega Genesis Continued Production


Brazil really likes the Sega Genesis. They buy nearly 150,000 used units every year. TecToy, a Brazil-based Sega-licensed manufacturer, likely has something to do with that. This week, the company announced they are reviving the 27-year-old gaming console in all its nostalgic glory, but with an added SD card slot and 22 games built in. It still looks and plays just like the original — cartridge slot, three-button controller and all. Pre-order now, ships June 2017.

Beckett Simonon


Pre-ordering is a seriously underutilized shopping tactic. Luxury shoe maker Beckett Simonon thinks you should do it more — so much so that they built their whole business around it. The process goes like this: every month, they design a new shoe. If you like it, you pre-order it for a fraction of retail price. They make it by hand with fine calfskin leather, ship it, and then you wear it. Easy — and best of all, inexpensive.

STAG Provisions x Faherty Outerwear Collection


An all-new collection from Faherty — the masters of chilled-out-surfer-style — exclusive to STAG Provisions, the Texas-born high-end men’s general store. The latest additions to the collection are an indigo-dyed terry cotton shirt, a reversible aztec print jacket, a cozy hoodie and a down vest.

B.D.A. Workout Kit


Three up-and-coming names in fitness gear put together this awesome gym-ready goodie bag, filled with all sorts of great stuff: a high-performance workout shirt and pair of shorts from Ten Thousand, and an arms-full of skincare and grooming products from The Motley, all of which is stashed in Aer’s beautifully designed Duffel Pack.

Pagnol M1A Auto Jacket


Bridging the gap from their motorcycling roots, California’s Pagnol has just released a civilian variant of its M1 moto jacket. Devoid of the bulky profile that armor creates at the shoulders and elbows and crafted out of a softer, more supple aniline leather, the M1A delivers a modern, slim aesthetic that fits perfectly behind the wheel. The M1A is currently being offered at a discount during its pre-sale. – Matt Neundorf, Contributor

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