November 7–11

This Week in Gear



Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you honor and celebrate our veterans and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Bedgear Performance Blankets


Acheiving better sleep means more than waking up refreshed — proper rest drives us to achieve our goals and has a great impact on our health. Bedgear’s performance blanket is engineered to assist in accomplishing proper sleep by keeping you at the perfect sleep-inducing temperature throughout the night. Problem is, many blankets and comforters are too hot or too cold. Either you sweat, or you shiver. Like your favorite athletic gear, Bedgear’s high-performance blankets are unlike any blanket you’ve wrapped yourself in before — they’re highly functional. Their performance tech adjusts to find just the right temperature: zoned and ventilated zippered pockets (two on the twin-size, four on the king and queen) evacuate heat for individualized temperature control. The unique quilted pattern ensures its hand-laid Climacore® insulation stays put, and remains dry and odor-free. The blankets come in three seasonal weights to suit your regional climate: warm, warmer and warmest. This is the performance blanket for guys who want to hack their sleep and take it to the next level.

Strongbody Apparel Gastown Jacket


If active wear looked half as good as the stuff you wear to work or on a date, then you’d probably wear it all the time. That’s because it works better than “normal” clothing — better fit, better protection from the elements, better all-around performance — but active jackets and track pants often belong in the gym, and nowhere else. The Gastown Jacket is proof that it doesn’t have to be that way. Its details show that it’s an impressive technical performer: four-way stretch, wind- and waterproof fabric, premium zippers, anti-chafe inner mesh lining and modern stitching patterns to keep the jacket from bunching up; yet a trendy bomber silhouette and subdued colors make it a great choice for not only the gym but for work, travel and everything in between.

Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Bicycle Wheels


Inspired by nature, developed in a laboratory and tested in a wind tunnel, this new bicycle wheel by Zipp was designed to simultaneously cut aerodynamic drag and side force. The Sawtooth rim shape was conceived using the science of biomimicry; its unique form was taken by looking at how humpback whales’ fins allow them to move through water. The 454 comes with a full rap sheet of highly technical specifications and jargon, but you can rest assured that every detail leads toward unmatched performance, stability and reliability.

CMRA Apple Watch Strap


It was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch got its camera companion. The CMRA is technically a band for the watch, but it’s equipped with two cameras — one outward-facing 8MP lens and one self-facing two-megapixel lens — both equipped with sensors from Sony and ready to record HD video. The battery lasts all day, and when it does eventually die the dock can recharge both the CMRA and the watch at the same time.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox Boutique Edition


Jaeger-LeCoultre was not the first watchmaker to make an alarm wristwatch (that’d be Vulcain), but the brand was the first to make an automatic alarm watch: the Memorex, which has long endured as an icon of 20th-century watchmaking. To celebrate 60 years since the Memorex was created, Jaeger-LeCoultre has created a limited boutique edition, modeled after the popular “Snowdrop” Memorex of the ‘70s, featuring a stunning blue dial. – Andrew Connor, Watches Writer

Perch Upholstered Flow Chair


Perch’s goal is to redefine what the look and feel of the modern workspace. It doesn’t have to be spartan, overcrowded with plastic and shiny chrome. The company’s first step was to design a quality desk, and after that, it searched the world over, looking for well-crafted furniture pieces suitable for the office. The Flow Chair comes from Italy, and a modest centerpiece with a style somewhere between retro and futuristic.

Muir Way Hydrology Series North American Maps


Maps are informational tools; they delineate roads and political boundaries but often fail to depict the beauty of the land they aim to describe — replacing mountains, rivers and fields with chunks of color and excessive bits of text. The Hydrology Series by Muir Way cuts out the information overflow and represents one thing: lakes, rivers and their tributaries. In doing so the landscape is unified and the map becomes an art piece rather than a throwaway tool.

Mountainsmith Tanuck 40 Liter Backpack


Chris Burkard is one of the most influential adventure photographers alive. Few have gone where he has gone; fewer still have pointed a camera lens at such extreme people, places and events. Into this camera bag, he poured his wisdom. The modular internal compartment houses a whole family of camera gear; the Cordura fabric bottom seals out the elements and allows for the bag to stand upright; the lid can be detached and clipped onto the chest for an easily accessible camera pocket; a back panel holds a laptop, side pockets and nylon loops carry tripods, lights and everything else. It is a camera bag built for the most demanding adventures, and designed to make the perfect shot less elusive.

Leica D-Lux Explorer Kit


One of Leica’s most capable compact cameras, now with a heavy-duty cotton neck strap and an all-new automatically shutting/opening lens cap. Turn on the camera, and the lens pops out of a space station-esque hatch; turn it off, and the lens retreats back in. You’ll never have to think about protecting your lens again.

Buy the Amazon Echo at Its Lowest Price Ever


Today only, get 22 percent off.

Ace Hotel x Alpha Industries Waterproof Fishtail Parka


A wonderfully stylish and versatile nylon rain parka, inspired by the kind worn by the US military decades ago. Cinch up the hood and waist for added protection, or wear it like a true soldier by wrapping the drawstrings around your legs.

Ducati Shows Off Six All-New Bikes


On the eve of EICMA 2016, Ducati just showcased six brand-new models.

Timex IQ+Move Analog Activity Tracker


Activity tracking doesn’t get any simpler than this. There is no digital touchscreen, no voice command, no weird beeping noises, no recharging battery — just a silent Bluetooth connection with your phone, which then interacts with a fitness app to track sleep, calories burned and more. Everything else looks just like a classic Timex analog watch.

Last Chance to Win a Weekend Getaway


Today is the final day to enter to win a free weekend in the Hudson Valley on our dime. The package includes airfare, car rental, two nights in an 18th century Dutch Colonial stone mansion and much more. Don’t miss out — take advantage of an autumn that has lingered past its due.

Mizzen+Main Performance Dress Shirts


All of Mizzen+Main’s performance clothing –everything from henleys to chinos to knitwear and denim — is made in the USA. But make special note of their dress shirts, which marry fast-drying, stretchy and lightweight materials with the crisp lines and classic looks your daily wear demands. Which means that after the big presentation or surprise “business lunch” with your boss (read: grilling you about that big presentation), you’ll look sharp, collected and completely un-mussed. In other words, these are shirts that’ll keep you at the top of your professional game, regardless of the situation.

Wrights Notes Customized Notebooks


See the contents of a notebook, and you will understand its owner. Some notebooks are filled with stream-of-consciousness writing, some map out complex equations, others are scribbled with psychotic doodles. No two notebooks are alike. So it makes sense to have a notebook that’s tailored just for you, like Wrights. On their website, you can customize the kind of paper used on every page: graphed, ruled, sheet music, blank, app design and more.

Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography


This huge coffee-table tome will release in late December, and if you’re a watch fanatic, it’s a must-have. 544 pages replete with 600 images (some never seen before) and an in-depth, factual documentation of the famed brand.

The Otis Backpack by Tumi x Cool Hunting


If anyone knows a thing or two about travel gear, it’s the pros at Tumi and the fellas behind Cool Hunting. This version of the pack is constructed from coated canvas and features an RFID pocket, a sleeve for 15-inch laptops and much more.

Ember Temperature-Controlled Mug


How are you enjoying your connect coffee mug? Yeah, thought so. Upgrade and plug in your mug with this guy — it’ll maintain a pre-set temp for two hours on a full charge (or all day long if you use the charging coaster). Just rotate the bottom portion to set a temperature, or use the app to do the same, and also pre-determine temperature profiles for different beverages.

Leica Next-Generation TL Camera


Out with the T and in with the TL, Leica’s updated its aluminum APS-C mirrorless camera by improving continuous autofocus, upgrading internal storage space from 16GB to 32GB, beveling some edges and offering a sweet new Titanium Grey color. – Henry Philips, Photography Manager

Thursday WeatherSafe Boots


An old, beat-up pair of boots is a telltale sign of accomplishment. It means that you’ve worn your boots the way they were meant to be worn: outside, getting scuffed up on gravel and sprayed with splashes of grease and dirt. But it’d still be nice to squeeze out a few more years of use before separating with your beloved pair of boots, wouldn’t it? Thursday’s WeatherSafe boots are made of high-quality leather that is infused with hydrophobic compounds throughout the tanning process. The result is a pair of fantastic-looking boots that’ll resist more than their fair share of use and abuse — shedding water while retaining the look and feel of the original leather.

Askov Finlayson x Frost River Collection


Two quintessential Minnesota brands — Askov Finlayson, purveyors of fine menswear, and Frost River, makers of heritage trapper-style bags — joined forces to create a new line of waxed-canvas bags and accessories. The lineup includes a roll-top backpack, briefcase, weekender duffel, dopp kit, accessory pouch and beer koozie; it is the first time Frost River has used heavy-duty black canvas, black leather and solid brass buttons. Truly, the collection is built not just to last forever, but to get better with time.

Columbia CSC Originals Fleece


Columbia reached deep into its closet and pulled out this forgotten gem of the ’80s. They changed nothing — not the loose-fit polyester fleece, nor the bright and bold colors. Van Halen greatest hits album sold separately.

Iron Lion Soaps


Your skin is a massive, fragile organ — not some impermeable outer shield to be hosed and scrubbed down with powerful synthetic chemicals. Skin is healthiest in its most natural state, and it should be treated as such. Iron Lion’s soaps are made in small batches in Santa Ana, California, using all-natural, single-sourced ingredients, like shea butter, cedarwood oil, hemp oil and dozens more. It’s like zen therapy for your skin.

Electric Objects


Traditional wall art is static. It is framed, hung and then left alone forever, or at least until its viewer tires of it. The E02, on the other hand, is an art frame that is constantly changing. A 22-inch by 13-inch HD screen displays thousands of musuem-quality art, culled from art collections all over the world. The art can be selected through a free companion app, or set to an automatic cycle; the screen is anti-glare and displays art clearly and vibrantly from all angles. You can select free art or opt for wider selection with a $10/month subscription to Art Club — well worth the price, considering it effectively puts an entire art museum in your living room.

Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks


Never mind that these concrete and stainless steel cufflinks are head-turning style pieces. Their real appeal is their worthy cause. Fifty percent of all profits go to the Movember Foundation, the mustache-cultivating prostate cancer charity fund. Additionally, the cufflinks can be custom-engraved with initials, logos and messages.

Sega Genesis Continued Production


Brazil really likes the Sega Genesis. They buy nearly 150,000 used units every year. TecToy, a Brazil-based Sega-licensed manufacturer, likely has something to do with that. This week, the company announced they are reviving the 27-year-old gaming console in all its nostalgic glory, but with an added SD card slot and 22 games built in. It still looks and plays just like the original — cartridge slot, three-button controller and all. Pre-order now, ships June 2017.

Beckett Simonon


Pre-ordering is a seriously underutilized shopping tactic. Luxury shoe maker Beckett Simonon thinks you should do it more — so much so that they built their whole business around it. The process goes like this: every month, they design a new shoe. If you like it, you pre-order it for a fraction of retail price. They make it by hand with fine calfskin leather, ship it, and then you wear it. Easy — and best of all, inexpensive.

STAG Provisions x Faherty Outerwear Collection


An all-new collection from Faherty — the masters of chilled-out-surfer-style — exclusive to STAG Provisions, the Texas-born high-end men’s general store. The latest additions to the collection are an indigo-dyed terry cotton shirt, a reversible aztec print jacket, a cozy hoodie and a down vest.

B.D.A. Workout Kit


Three up-and-coming names in fitness gear put together this awesome gym-ready goodie bag, filled with all sorts of great stuff: a high-performance workout shirt and pair of shorts from Ten Thousand, and an arms-full of skincare and grooming products from The Motley, all of which is stashed in Aer’s beautifully designed Duffel Pack.

Pagnol M1A Auto Jacket


Bridging the gap from their motorcycling roots, California’s Pagnol has just released a civilian variant of its M1 moto jacket. Devoid of the bulky profile that armor creates at the shoulders and elbows and crafted out of a softer, more supple aniline leather, the M1A delivers a modern, slim aesthetic that fits perfectly behind the wheel. The M1A is currently being offered at a discount during its pre-sale. – Matt Neundorf, Contributor