It's a "raD" Speaker

Mass Fidelity Brings Portable Hi-Fi Audio to the Outdoors


Mass Fidelity is, commercially, best known for Core ($600), its portable hi-fi speaker that, through the really cool technology of wave field synthesis, creates “virtual speakers” around the unit. This way, the single speaker replicates big, beautiful stereo sound. (It’s focused more on the audio tech than, say, Sonos and Play-Fi speakers, whose design prioritizes connecting multiple speakers to form a network of continuous audio playback.) Now the Canadian company is introducing a smaller, more affordable and rugged speaker, named raD.

raD stands for “radial dispersion,” a technology that works similarly to wave field synthesis, but is optimized for the more compact and hardy speaker. The raD has four 1.5-inch drivers and one 3-inch bass driver, each of which, according to Mass Fidelity, is “powered by a high-output amplifier which delivers a frequency response of 75Hz to 20KHz.” Unlike the Core, the raD has an IPX5 rating, so leaving it out in the rain won’t mean game over. (It can also withstand sun exposure and shock.)

Like the Core, the raD is a true portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery boasting 8 hours of juice (compared to the Core’s 12). You can use its own built-in wi-fi to connect multiple Mass Fidelity speakers — like other raD or Core speakers, or the Core wireless subwoofer ($299) — for a multi-room experience. There’s no propriety app required to play, like with Sonos. If you’re looking for a true stereo sound in a single portable speaker, or you want a more durable version of the Core you already own, pre-order the raD speaker now.

The raD will launch on IndieGogo on November 15. Pricing starts at $149 for the first 100 units, and will eventually rise to $189. When the raD comes to market in April 2017, it will cost $300.
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