Good morning. During a lecture at Oxford University this week, Stephen Hawking — one of the most brilliant thinkers and scientific minds of our time — said that the human race will likely be extinct within 1,000 years. Our fate is sealed, he says, by the looming threat of nuclear war, climate change and, perhaps most terrifyingly, the proliferation of a malevolent superintelligent AI. (Happy Friday?) Here’s what’s good in gear: a luxury linen bedspread cover, a redesigned Porsche racer, a new automatic chronograph and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Wool & Prince Shirts


Here’s a new thought: stop washing your shirts every time you wear them. That might sound absurd, but only if we’re talking about regular ol’ cotton button-downs. Merino wool, however, lasts for weeks — months, even — without needing a wash. That’s the whole idea behind Wool & Prince’s shirts: button-downs that look and feel just like the kind you wear every day, yet are made of high-performance merino wool that’ll resist odor and wrinkles unlike any button-down you’ve worn before.

Bizarre & Outlandish Gadgets & Doohickeys: Used in Everyday Life-1851 to 1951


During the Industrial Revolution, innovation was at an incredible high point — even absurd ideas became real and useful products; many others (mustache spoons, nose shapers, asthma-relieving necklaces) became nothing more than monuments to ludicrousness. In this coffee table book, hundreds of ingenious — and, yes, absurd — innovations from that bygone era are showcased in over 1,000 photos.

Turn Your Bed Into a Luxury Item with This Coverlet


With a simple bed cover, change your bedroom style and keep warm this winter.

HMM Rule/One Pen and Ruler Combo


Combine a pen, ruler, stylus and bookmark into one sleek aluminum shape, and you get a nod from the Red Dot Awards — and deservedly so.

Porsche Put the New 911 RSR Engine in the Wrong Place


Porsche redesigned its long-haul Le Mans race car — by moving the engine.

Autodromo Releases Its First Automatic Chronograph


Featuring a lovely chronograph movement from Seiko, and a reasonable price tag.

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