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17 Perfect Gifts for the DIYer

November 20, 2016 Buying Guides By Photo by GPS

It’s quite possible that the DIYer has done you a solid in the past — helped you erect that backyard gazebo or fix your car. He’ll say he’s happy to do it, that the work itself is reward enough. Still, a solid thanks might be in order. Logic would dictate the DIYer is far more interested in making and fixing things than buying new products, but gear that helps him attack projects with greater efficiency is always appreciated, be it as lofty as a new power tool or as simple as the right duds to wear while getting the job done.

PF Flyers Center Hi

American icons, “guaranteed to make a kid run faster, jump higher,” if the narrator in The Sandlot is to be believed. Besides being firmly entrenched in pop culture, the PF Flyer Center is made for both performance and durability. A little dose of classic American style never hurts.

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

After felling an ash tree in his yard (and replanting it), Robert Penn set out to make as much use of its wood as he could. Penn’s quest took him across England and America, where he met various craftsmen who shared their expertise on old-world woodworking techniques. His book is as much a factual guide as it is a meditation on creating.

Eddie Bauer Overlook Shirt Jac

For outdoor projects in cooler weather, a “shacket” is perfect for keeping warm and stylish without the need for layering up. Eddie Bauer’s Overlook Shirt Jac has a casual edge with a cotton flannel outer shell, but is reinforced with a cotton/nylon shell and a polyester lining for additional insulation.

The Ultimate Tool Kit


This is the ultimate tool kit, tailored to the apartment renter, condo dweller, homeowner and professional contractor. Read the Story

WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table

Incredibly versatile and portable, the WORX Pegasus table doubles as both a sawhorse and a work bench; it’s capable of supporting 1,000 pounds as a sawhorse and 300 pounds as a table. The Pegasus also includes integrated clamps for securing loads and can even be joined with a second table to create a more expansive workspace.

Elgato Eve Light Switch

If he’s hellbent on turning his domicile into a smart home, Elgato’s Eve Light Switch is an easy place to start. It connects with iPhones via Bluetooth and allows you to turn lights on and off via Siri or a quick tap on your phone. Instillation is as simple as replacing a light switch.

Seat Rack

One of the simplest ways to add utility to his car. While the seat rack lets you securely travel with skis, snowboards and surfboards in your car, it’s well suited for any carrying any oblong objects, including lumber from his never-ending trips to the hardware store.

Citizen Eco-DIY

Citizen’s “EcoZilla” is already a rugged and dependable watch favorite among affordable-watch enthusiasts, but Citizen has refreshed it with an intriguing new feature perfect for those whole like to tinker: two interchangeable strap/case combos, which allow the wearer to easily swap between rubber and stainless steel.

Dollar Shave Club Executive Blades

A tinkerer might be obsessed with doing things the hard way, but when it comes to taking care of his mug, a razor subscription makes life a hell of a lot easier. Dollar Shave Club’s executive razor is the brand’s most luxurious option, with six blades and a trimmer edge.


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