Panache For The People

2016 Indian Scout Sixty


It’s not often that a luxury brand offers an entry-level model without blatant signifiers that it is, in fact, lesser than the rest of the lineup. That’s why the Indian Scout Sixty drops jaws. Polaris’s upper-echelon cruiser brand carries some significant yet well-warranted price tags, so you’d be forgiven for assuming Indian skimped on the Sixty when they gave it a four-figure valuation. Compared to its bigger sibling, the only significant difference is the 134cc drop in displacement. The Sixty’s ride quality, looks, and performance all keep up with the brand’s pricier models without diluting the name. It’s a classically styled luxury cruiser for pennies on the dollar — and worthy of being your second bike.


Engine: 999cc V-Twin
Horsepower: 78
Torque: 65 lb-ft
Curb Weight: 555 lbs