You can now have an entire garden in your kitchen or living room thanks to revolutionary nanotech soil.

Click & Grow wants you to get your food locally. Hyperlocally. With the indoor Wall Farm, you’re the gardner, but there’s no dirt involved — the San Francisco company knew that if it was going to bring a full garden into the living room, it would have to do it without dirt. Instead, the Wall Farm uses proprietary Smart Soil, a nanomaterial that maintains oxygen, water and pH levels at optimum settings while dispersing nutrients uniformly throughout the system, all without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Another advantage: Plants actually grow faster and fuller in the high-tech soil than in regular dirt. By growing herbs, salad greens or chili peppers just feet away from the dining room table, you can save water and cut down costs and waste — it’s a win for you and for the environment.


Growing Capacity: 38–57 plants
Water Tank: 14–35 liters
Available Plants: wild strawberries, basil, mustard greens, lavender and more


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