Never Saw Through a Cord Again

Dewalt Flexvolt Power Tools and Battery


This year, cordless isn’t just trending in headphones — meet Dewalt’s Flexvolt. The new integrative power tool system is based around the battery, which is the first of its kind to automatically change voltage depending on the tool it’s powering. That means the same battery can power any of Dewalt’s huge new line of cordless 60V saws, grinders and drills as well as a 120V miter saw when two batteries are combined. Already have a well-stocked tool kit? Dewalt built the Flexvolt to be backward-compatible with any 20V tool you might already own. Pull the plug on outlets; embrace the cordless movement.

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Compatibility: 20V, 60V, 120V
Charge Display: LED
Construction: Durable Single-Piece Cell Holder