Don’t scoff at the price. Yes, $1,600 is a lot to spend on in-ear headphones, but these aren’t your average buds. The Kaiser 10 in-ear monitors are the crème de la crème, even for hi-fi enthusiasts.

10 harmoniously working drivers are packed into each aluminum-covered earbud, each of which is made by hand. (For comparison, Apple’s EarPods have one driver each, while other high-end in-ear monitors, like the UE 18 Pro, have six each.) They work with an iPhone or portable amps and DAPs. As for sound quality, they produce a well-balanced soundstage that has to be heard to be believed. If you’re an audiophile looking for hi-fi in-ear headphones, these are the holy grail.

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Drivers: 10 balanced armature drivers per earbud
Material: aluminum construction
Compatible With: Smartphones, portable amps and DAPs
Wire: detachable cable with industry-standard two-pin configuration

Tucker Bowe

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