Put Me In, Coach!

Oakley Radar Pace

November 21, 2016 GP100 By

Meet your new, invisible training assistant. Oakley and Intel packed 50 pounds of tech into one pair of sunglasses during a two-year development process that culminated in the Oakley Radar Pace. These are glasses you can talk to. Ask them, “How’s my pace?” and they’ll respond via two earbud booms that swing down from the frames. Integrated touch pads on the temples of the glasses control music with simple taps and swipes. The glasses also collect performance data — heart rate, power, speed, cadence, distance, time — and use it to create a personalized fitness program for maximum returns. And like any good coach, Radar Pace knows when you missed a workout and will ensure that you get back on track. As long as you can take orders from a pair of glasses, you’ll get along just fine.


Fit: standard
Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity, proximity
Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth
Charging: micro USB
Water Resistance: IPX5