Good morning. Flying somewhere for Thanksgiving? Get ready for pull-your-hair-out-long airport lines: between now and the end of the month, an estimated 27.3 million Americans will be flying somewhere, too — 2.5 percent more travelers than last Thanksgiving, making it one of the busiest weeks for air travel of the year. But there is hope: a handful of airports are testing new ways to speed up security lines, and are having success. Here’s what’s good in gear: a new aviator-glacier pair of sunglasses, the first “cool” vitamin supplement and a carbon fiber polka-dotted pocket blade.

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MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey


Those cyclists you see riding around on chilly winter days are commonly regarded as “crazy.” The reality is quite different — it’s not crazy at all to be cycling in the winter, so long as you’re wearing the right gear. The Detour Winter Jersey is a prime example of winter-ready cycling gear. Made in Italy, it is warm, breathable and fits snug, like a proper racing jersey. The rear pocket stretches horizontally only, and the sleeve cuffs hug like an arm warmer. Slip it on, saddle up, and get riding with the rest of those passionate crazies. Cold weather is no excuse.

The World’s First Supercar Is Back on the Production Line


The XKSS rides again!

Vuarnet Edge Collection


Vuarnet, the French company known for its sport-chic shades (and for perhaps single-handedly elevating glacier goggles to a fashion statement), released a sunglass style today, called the Edge. The large acetate frame is a unique mash-up of aviator and glacier style, while the mineral lens, which is designed and crafted in France, holds true to Vuarnet’s exacting standards of optical clarity, UV protection and durability.

Watch the Ski Film That Tackles Skiing’s Biggest Problem


Finally, a ski film that’s not afraid to speak up.

The Startup Taking On the $37 Billion Vitamin Industry


Vitamins are complicated. Care/of is a new startup making it personalized supplements dead simple.

Horse Brand Polka Dot Naval Knife


Those aren’t polka dots. Think of them as little carbon fiber chocolate chips, pressed into the dough of a heavy brass handle and silver-soldered to a premium stainless steel blade — all of which is baked by hand at Horse Brand’s small Brooklyn shop. It’s a knife that’s guaranteed to turn heads and last for centuries.

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