For a long time, buying luggage meant choosing between sturdiness and style. Tumi’s 19 Degree line has both.

Pop quiz: who makes the best rolling luggage in the world? The answer, it turns out, is pretty murky. You can get an excellent bag that’s ugly as sin or you can get a beautiful bag that’ll break if someone looks at it wrong — but until now it’s been neigh on impossible to find a happy medium. Thankfully, this year, Tumi seems to have cracked the code with their newest line of aluminum-shelled luggage.

The 19 Degree collection takes what’s great about Tumi’s slightly homely but supremely functional Alpha line and inserts some Rimowa-esque panache for a bag that might be the best luggage at any price. The only downside? It comes in just two sizes: an international carry-on and a small checked bag.

Buy Now: $995

Dimensions (International Carry-On): 22 x 14 x 9 inches
Security: 2 TSA integrated combination locks with push button to open
Capacity: 31 liters
Primary Material: Aluminum


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