America’s favorite grill just got better.

In the history of American BBQ, there is no grill more iconic, universal, utterly of-the-people than the Weber 22-inch Kettle. Introduced in the early ’50s, this grill put great BBQ in the backyards of millions of Americans, and more than 60 years later, it can still be bought, largely unchanged, for under $100. Why disrupt a good thing?

This year, Weber launched the Summit Charcoal Grill — a charcoal grill-smoker hybrid. The result is something akin to a ceramic kamado grill, but more user-friendly. It’s double walled and air insulated, so it can switch between hot and cool temperatures better than the kamado grills, which take a long time to cool down if overheated. And it is also considerably lighter than your standard kamado, sporting Weber’s signature porcelain-enameled coated steel. In short, it’s proof that some good things can get better.

Buy Now: $1,499

Total Cooking Area: 452 square inches
Primary Fuel Type: Charcoal
Features: two-position fuel grate, proprietary Snap-Jet gas ignition


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