Beyond E Ink

The Best E-Readers of 2016, for 3 Different Types of Reader

Tech By Photo by Barnes and Noble

A device that weighs ounces, yet carries tens of thousands of books — that’s the beauty of an e-reader. e-readers can access and download all the classics and the newest titles — free of any frills, so they help keep your focus on the reading. After nearly a decade in the mainstream, today’s e-readers boast more than E-Ink displays — backlights, boosted resolution, color-reversing night mode and month-long battery life and just a few new features on deck. Even the lowest of the low end will be a great option.

Amazon Kindle Oasis


Best in Class: Of all Amazon’s e-readers — the Kindle ($60), Kindle Paperwhite ($100) and Kindle Voyage ($180) — the Kindle Oasis reigns supreme. It has the brightest screen (10 LED), a handgrip for one-handed use, a battery that lasts months and 4GB of storage for thousands of books. It’s quite simply the best (albeit the most expensive) e-reader.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight Plus


Most Rugged: Like the higher-end Amazon Kindles, the Nook GlowLight Plus has a 300-dpi, glare-free touchscreen. It can access Barnes & Noble’s library, which is impressive, though not as vast as Amazon’s. The kicker, however, is that the Nook GlowLight Plus is waterproof (IP67), making it the more beach- and bath-friendly e-reader.

popSLATE 2


Best Smartphone Accessory: The popSLATE 2 turns the pack of your iPhone into an e-reader. It functions as a traditional e-reader, with access to a library of around 50,000 books from Project Gutenberg; it can also sync with a number of apps to display data from Twitter, Google Calendar, The New York Times and more. Additionally, it functions as a power bank, giving your iPhone twice its normal juice and charging via Lightning cable at the same time as the phone. Cases for the iPhone 7 ship December 2016.