Practicality Meets Generosity

The Best Gifts for Your Bosses


We don’t know what your relationship with your boss is. But if you’re planning on getting him or her a gift, it’s a safe bet you’re pretty tight. While you might feel the need to get them something personal, that route risks missing the mark. Also, don’t spend too much, but spring for something well made. Buy something that makes their life easier, but don’t get something so practical it’s boring. It’s all a delicate balancing act of generosity and practicality. For those still unsure, here’s a short guide to some solid boss-appropriate gifts to show your appreciation for the paycheck mentorship.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Skip the “World’s Greatest Boss” mug and instead show your appreciation with one of the best travel mugs on the market. The Zojirushi is vaccuum-sealed and lockable, preventing spills and keeping beverages hot (or cold) for hours. The interior is non-stick, which makes cleaning easier; it’s narrow enough to fit in even the stingiest cupholders.

Davek Traveler Umbrella

Admittedly, $89 feels like a lot to spend on a collapsable umbrella, but it beats constantly buying and replacing cheaper umbrellas that aren’t as durable or as well made. What’s more, the Davek Traveller is incredibly portable — weighing less than a pound and collapsing to 9 inches, it’s compact enough for your boss to always have on their person.

Google Home

Google Home is well suited to a productive office. It’s arguably the best-looking virtual assistant to have on a desk, and it links up with YouTube Music, Google Music and Spotify to stream tunes as quickly as you can say “OK Google.” It also taps into Google Search and connects to other Google accounts, allowing quick answers to questions like “When is my flight?” or “What’s on my calendar today?”

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