Good morning. We’ve spoken before about the inevitable death of the cable box and of the merits of streaming devices. It appears that AT&T agrees. On Monday, the company unveiled DirecTV Now, a new kind of streaming service that combines the best features of traditional cable or satellite — hundreds of channels, on demand and more — with the ease of access associated with streaming. Will it be the final nail in cable’s coffin? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s what’s good in gear: framed topographical maps, a smart mattress, the first all-electric Maserati and much more.

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Skullcandy Barricade Speakers


Built to withstand the most physically taxing adventures, Skullcandy’s Barricade speakers are unimpeded by rain, mud or the absence of an electrical outlet. They go with you on all your outdoor adventures, but their classic aesthetic lets them blend in wonderfully in any indoor setting as well. The Barricade Mini is the smallest of the three, epitomizing compact, go-anywhere design; the mid-range Barricade hits the sweet spot of portability and performance; the Barricade XL pumps out the biggest, loudest sound and sports cordless recharging. Pack the Mini for backcountry campfire tunes, or grab all three for room-filling sound all throughout your house.

Muir Way Range Series


Three US mountain ranges — the Appalachians, the Rockies and the Sierra Nevadas — illustrated in stunning detail, with hidden lakes, streams, and contour lines down to the tiniest change in elevation. This is not some ordinary topographical map; rather, these are artfully-produced prints on poster stock or canvas wrap that will inspire adventure and elevate your den decor.

Billionaire Boys’ Club London Undercover Umbrella


Londoners know better than most the importance of a good umbrella. This umbrella from London-based Billionaire Boys’ Club is perfect for daily use (which is what you’d expect in London). Its malacca wood handle and beechwood shaft call to mind the kind of umbrella Churchill himself would endorse, yet the underside pattern is as bold and attention-grabbing as Morrissey’s lyrics.

Eight Smart Mattress


There’s a number of ways to track sleep, and many more reasons to do so. Problem is, many existing methods are either inaccurate or uncomfortable (placing your phone upside down on your nightstand, wearing a fitness tracker and so on). Eight’s smart mattress has highly accurate sleep-monitoring tech packed imperceptibly into its feathery cushion. On top of that, the temperature on either side can be personalized, and a smart alarm wakes you up at the perfect time according to your sleep. If you don’t need the mattress but still want the sleep-monitoring tech, you can buy the smart cushion separately for any size bed.

This Is Ground Neck and Wrist Camera Straps


One neck and shoulder strap, one wrist; both are made of the finest-quality leather and contain pockets for your extra SD cards. The price for the two-in-one package is undeniably attractive, yet if you need only one, either strap can be purchased on its own.

Maserati Alfieri Electric Sports Car


When the Alfieri concept was announced in 2014, it was met with such widespread praise that the trident company gave it the green light for full production. Now it’s getting the electric treatment. The all-electric model is expected to release in 2020; the gas-powered model will release in 2019. Are you scared, Tesla?

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