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Four Cars Dads Will Love

Cars By Photo by Hayden Coplen

It’s a shame that once you have kids you’re expected to trade in your two-seat sports car-adrenaline fix for something boring, beige and practical. But even if you hold out, you’ll quickly discover that only having two seats and a trunk that’s useless with the top down becomes more of a headache when you have luggage or groceries for three or four to haul. So the kid-carrying killjoy-mobile is an inevitability, right?

Wrong. There is a slew of cars out there that get pulses pounding but keep the practicality well intact (and aren’t crossovers). (Though one of our contributors makes a hell of an argument for a mini-van.)

I Drive a Dad Car and I Like It


Growing up, I was lucky to be surrounded by a slew of small European cars ranging from BMW 2002‘s to VW buses. This revolving door of cool cars worked well — right up until I turned 16 and my parents opted instead for a Dodge Caravan. And thus began my curse.

If You Have a Family and Care About Driving, This Is Your Car


It’s the way the CX-9 drives that sets it apart. Flip the drive setting to “sport,” find a good road, and you’ll feel the CX-9 is sharper than any car its size and price has any right to be and provides a firm-yet-smooth ride.

Cool Dads, Rejoice: This Is Your SUV

MB-GLS-Gear-Patrol-Lead Featured

The Mercedes Benz GLS peacefully slots between sport and practical — a German car playing Switzerland — by mating three roomy rows to gleaming muscle.

How to Buy Your Dream Car — Used


Buy a seller groceries, grab the keys, shake the guy’s hand and head out to the parking lot. Sit down in the leather bucket seat, turn the key, let the engine rise to life and the amber gauges cast light around the cabin. Then, smile and drive away.