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15 Great Gifts Under $50 for the Designer

December 5, 2016 Buying Guides By

These are the little extras, small goodies that can make a big impact. Gifts under $50 can sometimes lack in quality, so you must vet products carefully. Lucky for you, our experts gathered the best affordable gifts around, all at extremely reasonable prices.

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-guide-to-city ‘A Burglar’s Guide to the City’ by Geoff Manaugh

With the help of FBI agents, architects and bank robbers, author Geoff Manaugh presents architecture from the unique perspective of a burglar — what your giftee does with it is none of our business. $11

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-chemex-collar Leather Chemex Collar

This beautiful leather Chemex collar is a fitting accessory for “one of the best-designed products of modern times.” $34

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-pencil Baron Fig Archer (12-Pack)

Sleek, grippy and undeniably handsome, these won’t disappoint if sketching with a good old-fashioned pencil and paper is your giftee’s speed. $15

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-pen Midori Brass Ballpoint Pen

Of course, a great pen is a necessity as well. Beyond the practicality of its space-saving collapsable design, the sleek brass shape is reason enough to add it to the desk organizer. $17

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-watch-strap 5 Ring NATO Watch Strap

A cool and casual all-black accoutrement that will work with just about any of his timepieces. $25

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-draplin ‘Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything’ by Aaron James Draplin

Aaron James Draplin’s portfolio includes work from clients like Ford Motor Company, Burton, Nike and the Obama administration. His book is a mid-career survey of his work that includes personal stories, inspiration and advice. $27

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-chord-holder Native Union Belt 1.2mm Cable

The woven cord casing prevents tangling, but it, along with the leather binder, makes for a lovely detailed accessory for keeping your giftee’s device juiced up. $25

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-slippers Uniqlo Fleece Room Shoes

Soft and warm footwear for the day off. A sleek, minimal profile doesn’t hurt, either. $15

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-soap Kiehl’s Ultimate Body Scrub Soap Bar

Soap made from sloughing bran and oatmeal that both cleans and exfoliates. $15

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-candle Square Trade Goods Co. Campfire Candle

Woodsmoke, cedar, pine and amber converge in this candle to create a comforting scent, perfect for creating a relaxing home atmosphere. $20

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-sweatshirt The Crew Sweatshirt by Everlane

Clean cut, simple and comfortable, this sweater from Everlane is perfect for an effortless casual look. $40

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-tumi Tumi Medium Utility Pack

For those who believe even something as mundane as a small travel pack should have supreme build quality and meticulous attention to detail. $30

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-cosy-homes ‘The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes’

Monocle’s survey of homes across the globe is both a source of inspiration and a practical guide on how to create a domicile that’s attractive as well as comfy. $44

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-moleskin Moleskine Smart Notebook

A quick and easy way to turn hand-drawn sketches into workable digital files, sent directly to Adobe Creative Cloud. $33

stocking-stuffer-designer-gear-patrol-nike Nike Futura 2 Snapback

A classic look and clean design, perfect for days spent out of the studio. $28

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