Good morning. South Korea is moving forward on a bold mission to eliminate all paper money and coin from its society, and instead rely entirely on digital forms of payment. The government plans to remove every coin from the system by 2020; citizens who hand over their coins will be paid back in equal amount in the form of a debit card, for use in public transport and government-approved convenient stores. Here’s what’s good in gear: a cold weather cycling jersey, an entry-level mirrorless camera, a premium leather dopp kit and much more.

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Nest Outdoor Cam


You use your phone for just about everything. Now, with Nest Cam Outdoor, you can use your phone to monitor the safety of your home. After a quick and easy installation, Nest Cam Outdoor streams live 1080p video to your phone, wherever you are, 24/7. If someone (or something) approaches your home, it’ll send an alert to your phone; you can even remotely speak through the camera to shoo would-be intruders away. It’s also waterproof and captures clear-as-day Night Vision. And using it is as simple as flicking through Instagram or surfing YouTube.

MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey


Those cyclists you see riding around on chilly winter days are commonly regarded as “crazy.” The reality is quite different — it’s not crazy at all to be cycling in the winter, so long as you’re wearing the right gear. The Detour Winter Jersey is a prime example of winter-ready cycling gear. Made in Italy, it is warm, breathable and fits snug, like a proper racing jersey. The rear pocket stretches horizontally only, and the sleeve cuffs hug like an arm warmer. Slip it on, saddle up, and get riding with the rest of those passionate crazies.

Awair Glow Wall Outlet


Plugged into an outlet and paired with your phone, Glow provides real-time data on four unseen, potentially health-hazardous elements of your home’s air: carbon dioxide, toxins, humidity and temperature. Plug your non-smart devices (humidifiers, fans, A/C units, lamps, etc.) into the Glow, and it’ll turn them on or off whenever it deems the air unsafe or uncomfortable.

Fujifilm X-A10


The X-A10 is Fujifilm’s most affordable mirrorless camera yet. Its design and performance are similar to the X-A3, which was released earlier this year, though the 16MP sensor is a considerable step down. But what you lose in resolution, you gain in selfie capability thanks to its rotating LCD screen — and, more importantly, its mild learning curve (this is an entry-level camera, after all).

Kaufmann Mercantile Soft Leather Dopp Kit


Stephen Kenn is an LA-based leather goods and furniture designer. His work is seriously impressive — see for yourself. He made this premium leather dopp kit by hand. The outer is vegetable-tanned and seam-sealed; the inside is finished in olive drab and coated with a wax sealant, giving the bag lasting shape without the need for liners or hard inserts. And it’s made to last for generations.

Public Rec Go-To Henley


Henleys are among the most versatile wardrobe pieces, and this one proves it. For active days, it’s stretchy, moisture-wicking and sewn with an athletic fit; for chilled-out days, it’s comfortable and casually stylish.

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