Introducing Levo

Why You’re Gonna Want This $180 Oil Infusion Machine


Infusing oil or butter with herbs can make for more flavorful dishes in a home kitchen, but it’s fussy process that often leads to big messes and long cleanups. Or at least that’s the premise behind Levo, a new countertop appliance set to release early 2017, designed to take the effort out of home oil or butter infusion.

Simply add your oil and herbs of choice, set time and temperature and wait for the machine to dispense a liquid that strives to be more than the sum of its parts. Possibilities include olive oil steeped with chili flakes, coconut oil with vanilla and, of course, butters of the more “holistic” variety. The company kindly reminds visitors to its site that it is “proudly based in Colorado, where quality food rules and holistic wellness options are making waves.”

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