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15 Great Gifts Under $50 for the Mixologist

December 8, 2016 Buying Guides By

These are the little extras, small goodies that can make a big impact. Gifts under $50 can sometimes lack in quality, so you must vet products carefully. Lucky for you, our experts gathered the best affordable gifts around, all at extremely reasonable prices.

bourbon-empire-gear-patrol-800 ‘Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey’

Bourbon is nuanced, and its history — riddled with corruption, yet bolstered by an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship — is no exception. $19

true-syrups-gear-patrol-800 True Syrups & Garnishes

Crafted in the style of pre-Prohibition concentrates (think Grenadine made with real pomegranate juice), True Syrups are the secret to classic cocktails with richer flavors. $15

brew-gear-patrol-800 ‘Brew: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Beer at Home’

With step-by-step instructions for crafting sour beers, lambics, American-style ales and more, Brew is the consummate guide to brewing home brewing. $25

rustic-leather-pint-glass-sleeve-gear-patrol-800 Rustic Leather Pint Glass Sleeve

Cold beer? No sweat. A leather sleeve is the mature alternative to a koozie. $11

englewood-methodist-peanuts-gear-patrol-800 Englewood Methodist Peanuts

The Englewood United Methodist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina has been making small-batch peanuts by hand since 1955. Water-blanched, deep fried, salted and jarred while hot, they put all other bar nuts to shame. $8

punch-bowl-ladle-gear-patrol-800 Punch Bowl with Ladle

A 265-ounce glass bowl does any signature punch recipe justice. $50

koriko-hawthorne-strainer-gear-patrol-800 Koriko Hawthorne Strainer

With a versatile design and exceptionally tight coil (the product of two years spent in development), the Koriko Hawthorne is a best-in-class strainer. $20

bronze-rim-crystal-tumblers-gear-patrol-800 Bronze Rim Crystal Tumblers

A set of mid-century-inspired crystal tumblers makes adman-style whiskey-sipping fantasies a reality. $28

regarding-cocktails-gear-patrol-800 ‘Regarding Cocktails’

A collection of 85 recipes from famed bartender Sasha Petraske, with classics like the Pisco Sour and outside-the-box interpretations of an Old Fashioned. $21

waldorf-astoria-bar-gear-patrol-800 ‘The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book’

Concoct pre-Prohibition classics, innovative riffs on familiar drinks and a daiquiri that Hemingway would approve of with a book of cocktail blueprints from the Waldorf Astoria’s famed Peacock Alley. $15

miir-tall-boy-pint-gear-patrol-800 MiiR Tall Boy Pint

More durable than glass. Less brazen than openly drinking from a can. A respectable alternative to a red plastic cup. $12

north-drinkware-glasses-gear-patrol-800 North Drinkware Glasses

For the slow sipper who pines for the great outdoors. $45

corkcicle-decapitator-bottle-opener-gear-patrol-800 Corkcicle Decapitator Bottle Opener

A faster, better, easier way to open bottles. $20

nights-weekends-drinks-tray-gear-patrol-800 Nights & Weekends Drinks Tray

For a well-organized bar and better-looking liquor display, give a tray that acknowledges your recipient’s tippling habits. $45

wintersmith-iceball-storage-tube-gear-patrol-800 Wintersmith Iceball Storage Tube

Wintersmith’s storage tube protects oversized cubes from freezer burn — because quality ice makes a quality drink. $12

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