The Casio G-Shock MR-G Gold Hammer Tone

G-Shock’s Craziest, Most Expensive Watch Is Back, in Gold

Earlier this year, Casio announced the G-Shock MR-G Hammer Tone. It was a $6,200, limited-edition watch made from titanium and a copper-silver alloy, hammered into shape by a third-generation artisan through a painstaking process called tsuiki. Only 300 pieces were made, and, apparently, it was successful enough to warrant a successor, plated in gold.

At the base of the watch is the same high-end quartz movement and titanium construction, but in lieu of its predecessor’s Oboro-gin alloy for the bezel and bracelet links, it uses pieces finished in good ol’ Au. Like the original Hammer Tone, this gold version comes in at $6,200 with 300 examples being made — 10 of which will actually be sold in the US. If you’re into the idea of buying the most opulent and ostentatious G-Shock money can buy, get your order in fast.

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