Good morning. Donald Trump is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. Ten other finalists were considered for the 90-year-old title, including Hilary Clinton, Beyoncé, Mark Zuckerberg, Vladimir Putin and the Flint, Michigan water crisis whistle-blowers. Mr. Trump’s photo on the cover of TIME is captioned “President of the Divided States of America.” Here’s what’s good in gear: Levi’s take on skinny jeans, a rolltop duffle pack, Google’s new wireless internet router and much more.

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And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper


How do you improve something so simple as a pour-over coffee dripper? It’s basically just a cup with ridges and a hole on the bottom, right? Well — Blue Bottle partnered with some MIT folks to figure that out. One year and 70 prototypes later, they came up with the Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper. The 40 interior ridges — each one smaller than a single drop of water — are inspired by capillary systems found in nature; for example, a tree’s veins leading from its roots to its leaves. The streamlined porcelain walls maintain your coffee’s temperature as you pour, and the 4mm dripper hole imparts the ideal amount of flow and saturation. Combined with Blue Bottle’s custom-designed bamboo filters, it’s nearly impossible to craft pour-overs that are anything less than superb. Available now as part of Blue Bottle’s Holiday Collection, including local products, exclusive coffee blends and fine coffee-making wares.

Google Wi-Fi System


It doesn’t make any sense. Of all the wild innovations Silicon Valley has churned out in recent years, internet routers — easily one of the most important devices in any home or office — have remained stuck in the stone age. (Ever feel like bashing your router to death with a baseball bat, Office Space-style? You’re not alone.) Finally, routers are getting better. Among the new breed of smart internet routers is Google Wi-Fi, a multi-device wireless internet system that aims to make home wi-fi completely hassle-free. Installing the system is about as easy as placing scented candles throughout your home; paired with a companion app, you can do things like fine-tune connection or activate a “pause” feature, to keep your kids from surfing the web past bedtime.

Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans


Few style items are as vilified as the skinny jean. Either you love ’em, or they’re a rotten scourge on humanity, born straight from the evil mind of some energy-drink-guzzling mall rat. Levi’s new 501 skinnies strike a surprisingly great balance between form-fitting and straight-legged, classic style.

C by GE LED Lamp


Play Spotify. Order pizza. Ask it questions.

Rolex Submariner


As a part of our newly revamped Gear Patrol Store, we’ve partnered with online vintage watch retailer Analog/Shift to bring you a hand-picked selection of vintage tool watches. And of course, what collection of tool watches would be complete without the iconic Rolex Submariner? This particular version, a reference 5513, dates back to the mid-1960s, when dials were matte printed and features a rare “meters-first” depth rating. — Andrew Connor, Watches Writer

Outlier Ultrahigh Duffelpack


Rolltop bags and backpacks are nearly impossible to break, they’re fantastically weatherproof and they’re simple — no zippers; no bullshit. This duffle, when rolled “snug like a good joint,” as Outlier’s website says, fits around 50 liters’ worth of stuff; when left open like a tote bag, it fits nearly 75. Two padded shoulder straps are easily attached to convert the duffle into a backpack, and a number of zippered pockets, both inside and out, stow quick-access gear. It’s made of Dyneema, one of the world’s strongest fibers (like laminated carbon fiber, in fabric form) and is handmade in Arizona.

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